Gift Ideas For The Audiophile

We all have that one person on our gift list who is just a bit on the fringe. You know, the music lover who always makes obscure lyric references in retort to daily conversation. Or maybe the audiophile who is always on top of the latest gadgets and equipment that you have no clue about. The great part of having a friend like this is you have been turned on to some of the best music and tech products you would otherwise have missed out on. The down side of this relationship is when it comes to gift giving, you are a little in the dark. Sound familiar? If so, try one of these great gift ideas for that person and they will love you forever!

3 Gifts For The Audiophile On Your List

3 Gifts For The Audiophile On Your List

  1. Headphone Amp: Listen to music the way it was intended! With this tiny little hub, which connects your headphones to a PC or Mac, you get a sound like you have never heard before.
  2. Bluetooth Headphone Adapter: This cool gadget takes any device that has an audio jack and turns it into a Bluetooth-enabled one. It works on your phone, laptop, or tablet.
  3. Micro Bluetooth Speaker: Even the most die hard audiophile appreciates the ability to fit their audio technology into their pocket. With the tiny but powerful Phoenix 2 from Beacon Audio, you get a whole lotta sounds from a teeny little speaker.

beacon audio

With Beacon Audio, they do not play by the rules! They are designing Bluetooth-enabled technology that can take the the audiophile and their playlists on-the-go. They are untying them from their home, office, and dorm and letting them take their music to the great outdoors. Their portable wireless speakers are modernly designed and have unique syncing capabilities. Now you can pump up the volume with their innovative 360-degree sound. Their products, the Blazar and Phoenix 2, are specially designed to give listeners a crystal clear stream of audio for eight or more hours. The devices wirelessly hook up to smart phones and any Bluetooth enabled device with audio output protocols for convenient control and access to the day’s soundtrack.

With the Blazar, music fans get a chance to listen to their favorite tunes in left to right stereo playback with its unique dual speaker model. They can be used on their own or you can take two of the speakers and sync them together. The Phoenix 2 is the Blazar’s 3″ sibling, with no less power and much more portability. The size makes it the perfect travel companion and make an ideal stocking stuffer for everyone on your holiday list. With such versatile speakers, either the Blazar or the Phoenix are perfect gift ideas for the audiophile. Be sure to follow Beacon Audio on Twitter and Instagram.