Gifts For First Time Home Buyers

My daughter is buying her first home soon and I could not be happier for her. Buying your first home is a pinnacle point in your life and it is one to be celebrated. You go through so much to get to this point, sometimes it seems as if you may never get there. It took her a long time to fine the perfect home and when she did, they almost lost it. They had to jump through a few hoops to get the seller to accept their offer, but they seller finally relented. Now it is time to get busy and prepare for the big moving day. It is at this time you realize how many items you need for your new home. I wanted to buy her something meaningful, useful and unique. I mean, how many blenders and toasters can a girl use, right?! Here is a list of the most popular gifts for the new homeowner:

5 Gift Ideas For New Homeowners pin

5 Gift Ideas For New Homeowners

  1. Tool Kit: Many new homeowners do not have a basic toolkit. I know when I first moved into my own home, I did not even own a hammer. A nice tool box with the basic tools is a great starter kit.
  2. New Keys: When you buy a house, your keys go through many pairs of hands. Your contractor, Realtor, appraiser or a neighbor. For safety sake, it is smart to get new locks and keys.
  3. Gardening Tools: Many homeowners cannot wait to start a garden in their new yard. They will appreciate your getting a set of basic gardening tools like a hand rake, trowel, gloves and watering can.
  4. Home Repair Books: If you are new to owning a home, you may not know how to do basic repairs when you need to. It is always best to see if you can repair something yourself before hiring someone to do it for you. A few books on DIY home repairs is the perfect gift.
  5. Wall Clock: One of my favorite gifts I got when I moved into my first home was a beautiful wall clock from my mom. I had this clock for almost 20 years before we broke it during our last move. Most new home buyers would not think to buy themselves a nice clock, so this would be a much appreciated and treasured gift.

Great Gifts For First Time Home Buyers

I wanted to pass down the tradition of giving a gorgeous wall clock upon the purchase of Chelsea’s new home. I wanted something traditional that would make a statement in a room. With the superb craftsmanship of the clocks and barometers from Cobb and Co., I knew I was getting Chelsea much more than a gift. I was getting her a treasure she would cherish for a lifetime. Cobb and Co. originated as a passenger and mail service as well as a gold escort by 4 American men in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in December of 1853. With their final coach run in 1924, the company began making their breathtakingly beautiful clocks and barometers. They are known for their high quality materials like solid brass and polished plantation pine and spot on accuracy. I was sent the Medium Railway Wall Clock with Roman Numerals and Golden Oak, which retails for $139. This clock is honestly the most beautiful piece of art I have ever owned. And yes, art comes sin many forms, and I consider the fine craftsmanship, materials and attention to detail to be art.

It is 12.6″ in diameter, which is the perfect size for any room. The wood is polished to an incredible sheen, with the case being made by skilled craftsmen from plantation pine. I love the superior brass and how gorgeous it is against the oak with the perfectly carved shape. As is the case when using wood, each clock is unique in its grains, which show perfectly through the varnish. Each clock has a quartz mechanism, which means your clocks will be accurate to within 10 seconds each year. Each clock comes with a lifetime guarantee and trust me, this is a clock which will last a lifetime and then some. You can choose from mantle or wall clocks as well as pendulum and can be found in small, medium, large and reverse. The clocks retail from $99 to $599 and the barometers and thermometers range in price from $99 to $249. Be sure to stay current with the latest and follow Cobb and Co. on Twitter. One USA reader will win one Medium Railway Wall Clock ARV $139.

What are your favorite gifts for first time home buyers?


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