Gifts For Men

Each year at birthdays and holidays, I find myself at a loss in the gift department for my husband, gifts for men are so hard to find. He’s very difficult to buy for because he just buys what he wants throughout the year. Its very frustrating for me! This year I was given the opportunity to review a pair of boots from The Elite Collection by Lugz. I thought to myself this will be a great gift for his birthday (which is close to Christmas). They carry a full line of boots for men, women and kids. With a variety of styles and colors there is something for everyone. It made choosing the perfect pair for my husband very easy.

I chose Broadway Lo SR in black. They are a low cut boot which he prefers for work. He has a wide foot so I was able to order his size in a wide so I knew they would fit him properly. He’s very picky about what he wears on his feet so I was taking a risk getting these for him without him being able to try them on. I gave them to him for his birthday and he loves them! It was actually perfect timing because his current work boots had a blowout the very same week. He works outside on his feet all day, so the right pair of boots is very important to him. He said they were extremely comfortable which for him is saying  a lot because if his shoes are not comfy within an hour or so of wearing them he will NEVER put them on again. We have given away several pairs of expensive shoes for this very reason. The boots have a leather upper and padded tongue and collar for tons of cushion and most importantly comfort. His favorite feature is the sole because it is slip resistant, he works around water so he needs to be careful not to slip and these boots worked like a charm.

Fashionable Boots For Men

I have always thought of the Lugz brand as more of a fashion shoe, and although they are fashionable boots for men they are also functional as well. They have proven themselves in the work boot department. They are rugged, comfortable and fashionable. The style I chose goes great with a pair of jeans so he can wear them out to dinner very easily.

You can purchase these boots for $59.99. Some of the other styles I considered were the Broadway SR and Circuit SR. Check them out on Facebook for the latest styles!

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