Gifts For Minecraft Fans

It seems there is a 12 step program for just about anything you can think of. If there was one for Minecraft addicts, I would totally send my kids there! Just kidding…sort of! I am going to admit, I have no clue what Minecraft is, how to play it or what the big deal about it is. With that being said, my kids would pinch me if they knew I said that! They are completely hooked and so are most of their friends. At least when it comes to getting their Christmas gifts this year, it will be easier to buy for them since they have such a passion for the game. Here are 3 Minecraft gifts I am putting under the tree this year for the kids:

3 Gifts For The Minecraft Addict On Your List

3 Gifts For The Minecraft Addict On Your List

  1. Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft: This comprehensive user’s guide contains a wealth of advanced information, including concepts like Redstone, mods, custom maps, mob spawners, and more.
  2. Creeper Face Mug: Caitlin loves to drink hot chocolate in the morning. Now she can do it from the head of a creeper!
  3. Gameband: One big issue in our house is the need to download Minecraft on every computer, tablet and smartphone. The other issue is the problem with transferring your worlds from one to the other. You cannot do it…that is, unless you have a Gameband! This little gadget has brought a peace to my house that I thought was lost forever. This amazing piece of technology is at the top of my list of gifts for minecraft fans.


Again, please pardon the ignorance, but when it comes to Minecraft. I know not of what I speak! I just know I hear a lot of grumbling from the kids when they have to hop from different devices while playing Minecraft. With the Gameband, the kids can take their Minecraft worlds, settings, game data and other pertinent information with them wherever they go. The wearable USB has free cloud backup, so they will never lose any information again. Recently, one of our laptops had the hard drive crash and the kids were devastated because all of their hard work they had done with their Minecraft world was lost forever. Yes, FOREVER! That is not something you want to explain to your special needs child who thinks you have magical powers and can make everything better. This was one thing I was not able to fix.

If we had the Gameband, that could have all been avoided. When I tell you this little piece of technological wonderment is the best gift you can get your Minecrafter. The company who developed the Gameband, Now Computing, is based in both Barcelona and the United States. Their aim is to make stylish wearable devices for gamers, which will open up an entirely new world of possibilities for the gaming industry. What is really neat, is the Gameband is also a watch, calendar and much more. You can digitally customize the Gameband display to show your name, pictures or animations. Caitlin programed Henry’s Gameband (which he will open on Christmas Eve) to say “Hello World”, which I thought was cute. Keep your eyes open and stay connected to Now Computing for more exciting products in the coming months. You can purchase Gameband from Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg and other retailers who sell tech gadgets for just $80. Trust me, that is money well spent my gaming friends, money well spent. Follow Gameband on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Who is the Minecraft addict on your list who would love a Gameband?