Gifts For Teen Girls

I must admit, it has been a whole lot of years since I was a teenager. My mother would happily remind you how horrible I was as a teen. I am sure she exaggerated, but I know I did give her a hard time. As most teen girls, I had boys and clothes on the brain instead of school and chores. My daughter, who will be 16 in a few weeks is not much different. She is very into music and technology and is on her phone or tablet virtually the entire time she is home. She can be awfully picky when it comes to the gifts I get her and the older she gets the more finicky she is. I dug in and did a lot of searching and I came up with some pretty neat gift ideas for teenage girls.

4 Sure Fire Teen Girl Birthday Gift Ideas pin

4 Sure Fire Teen Girl Birthday Gift Ideas

  1. Unusual Jewelry: My daughter loves jewelry and if it is something unique, she likes it even more. Instead of going traditional with silver or gold, try an unusual medium like concrete, rubber, recycled glass or even a bicycle chain.
  2. A Driver’s Kit: If your teen is of driving age, they will appreciate a box full of driving accessories. This can include a key chain, a map of the local area, a GPS, a travel coffee cup and a pair of fuzzy dice to hang from the rear view mirror.
  3. Tech Accessories: Most teens have a phone and probably a tablet, but may not have the accessories they need. Try to find them an unusual tablet case made from an upcycled mail pouch or a fireman’s jacket. A phone case made from real wood or pressed flowers in acrylic would be very cool. A portable charger is always a good idea to keep them powered no matter where they are.
  4. Delivered Sweets: What female does not love having something delivered to their home, office or classroom? I know I get a huge thrill when I get flowers brought to my door. Why not send your teen a bouquet of baked goods, like a cookie arrangement from Cookies By Design?

cookies by design

I will never forget the first time I had something delivered to me. I was working in an office and had just started dating my future husband. After our first date he sent me a dozen red roses and every woman in that office was green with envy! Why not do the same for your hard to please teenage girl? I think having a colorful bouquet of cookies delivered from Cookies By Design is at the top of my list of gifts for teen girls. The selection is humongous, the cookies are delicious and the prices are very affordable. You can choose from such bouquets like the 7 cookie Sweet 16 grouping I received for Caitlin, Confetti and Candles, Ice Cream Cones or The Rock Star. Cookies By Design offers cookie trays, bouquets, baskets and cakes and even have gluten free choices. You can shop for the occasion like Get Well, Housewarming, Thank You, Wedding, Retirement and many more.

The cookie packages are perfect for that favorite teacher, you spouse, for corporate gifts and of course, your sweet and loving teenage girl! The colors are so bright and vibrant, they just pop! The cookies are fresh and flavorful and will not last very long, I can promise you that! This bouquet lasted about 20 minutes before the whole family was munching on them! We also received a box of yummy goodness that included gourmet cookie flavors like peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, millionaire and white macadamia nut. If you are looking for a one of a kind gift for anyone on your list, head over to Cookies By Design. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.

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Which of the Cookies By Design packages would you choose and for who?