Gifts That Give Back

As a parent, you want your kids to grow up to be loving, kind, thoughtful and selfless. Now, in the real world, that is not always something we are able to see in our kids. I will admit, I have times when I look at the kids and they are so kind to one another or one of them will hold a door open for someone and it fills my heart. I have also had times when I have seen the kids be completely selfish and I wonder where I went wrong! When the holidays are here, I especially want the kids to be mindful of what they have and how to be kind to others. Here are a few ways we do that in our home:

How Your Kids Can Pay It Forward During The Holidays

How Your Kids Can Pay It Forward During The Holidays

  1. Handmade Cards: There are plenty of retirement or assisted living facilities with residents who have no family. A handmade holiday card would be a welcome treat to one of these people.
  2. Donations: Henry and I were at Walmart a few days ago and we participated in the Angel Tree project. This was an easy way to make sure a child has a new toy to open on Christmas day.
  3. Food: Either volunteering in a food bank, soup kitchen or shelter is a great way for kids to see first hand how much they have. It is a sobering moment when your kids see how much they do have compared to those who do not even have a home or food.
  4. Gifts: If you can find a company who makes a donation or gives back in some way, this is a win-win situation. One of those companies who has some gorgeous gifts for the fashion minded is Jinja Jewelry.

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What I love about Jinja Jewelry is they offer such a wide selection of gorgeous necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Jinja mixes a variety of natural materials like coral, onyx and abalone and pair it with stunning sterling silver or stainless steel. The result is some of the most unusually breathtaking statement pieces you could ever hope for. If you are looking for a meaningful gift at an affordable price, Jinja Jewelry is the place to go. I was sent a gorgeous piece of handmade coral jewelry that will make a wonderful gift for my oldest daughter for Christmas. The stainless steel tube bead necklace, which sells for $45, is made with an assortment of blue coral and rhodium plated beads. The result is unlike anything I have ever seen.

When it comes to giving back, Jinja Jewelry is one to absolutely pay it forward. Jinja, owner’s Don and Elaine Helmig have built a relationship with the Balinese people. This friendship has been built on love and has connected these two cultures in a way you would not believe. They inspiration for the beautiful handmade coral and silver jewelry comes from local and global trends and the result is a line of affordable jewelry and accessories. The company has been able to offer jobs to the people of Bali, which has been a welcome financial asset to their economy. The couple has also been able to sponsor a little boy who now attends a wonderful school in Bali which is a luxury not available to everyone. This is a company I would love to buy from knowing I am helping these people and this precious little boy. On Black Friday, be sure to take advantage of the Jinja Jewelry 30% store-wide sale where you can purchase your own gifts that give back. In addition, a pair of earrings will be included with each purchase. Be sure to follow Jinja Jewelry on both Twitter and Pinterest. One USA reader will win one Handmade Coral Necklacce ARV $45.