Logitech Bluetooth Speaker

Do you have a music lover in your family or are you the resident rocker or jazz enthusiast? Where do you listen to your music? Do you crank it up while you are cleaning the house or do you bring it outside while you are working in the yard? With so many electronic accessories being made portable now, you can take your music virtually anywhere you like. The days of enjoying a quiet weekend camping can now be replaced by a rocking party by the lake. With an outdoor Tiki bar we recently set up, listening to music outside adds to the atmosphere when we entertain. I also have a son in college and he likes to listen to music with his friends. A portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for him to take where ever he wants to hear his playlist. The company I go to for many of my electronic device needs is Logitech. Logitech has been a trusted brand for consumers for years because they have such top notch products that are made to last.

Give The Gift Of Music

Give The Gift Of Music With Portable Bluetooth Speakers

With Mother’s and Father’s Day and many graduations going on soon, gift giving is in full swing for these special days. The products from Logitech are smartly designed, are made to last and are so affordable, I feel confident giving their products as gifts. With so many reasons to give presents, with the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, you can now give the gift of music with portable Bluetooth speakers. This portable Bluetooth speaker is small enough to fit into your purse but packs a punch with its sound. You can use the Mobile Boombox as a speaker for your smartphone and it can be controlled up to 50 feet away. With its 10 hour rechargeable battery, you can take the Mobile Boombox to the park, the lake, a party or anywhere you can think of that music would add fun to.

I was surprised at how amazingly clear the sound was considering it was coming from a speaker that is less than 5″ wide and less than 3″ wide and high. You can literally tuck the speaker into your pocket and take it anywhere you want to go. It has a nice rubber casing so if you take it to the park or lake where it may get a bit roughed up, it will be protected. It is also perfect for those who entertain inside as well as out because you can just pick it up and move the music with you. This is brilliant to give you seamless sound without interrupting someone’s favorite part of a song! This little guy really is great and would make the perfect gift for that special person on your shopping list. You can purchase the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox online from Logitech’s e-store for $99.99 as well as from Best Buy and other fine retail stores.