mom hero

Moms are unique in every way possible. They work miracles like no one else in the world can. They can make you feel better with just a hug when things aren’t going your way. They take the pain away from an owie with just a kiss. They can tell you what you need to hear or they can just sit and listen. They just always seem to know what the right thing to do is that will make it all better. Becoming a parent changes everything about your life. There are those who grasp this immediately, the moms. Then there are those who refuse to give up their old ways without a fight. It’s usually the dads but it happens to the moms as well. Moms around the world make sacrifices on a daily basis for the sake of their children, no matter how old their kids are. It’s always a good time to give a little back to the woman who has given so much of herself for your sake. Don’t just tell her you love and appreciate her, show her.


Thanks to the Holiday Samples Program we are able to give something back to the amazing moms that surround us every day. We were sent a variety of mom oriented samples to dish out to the moms in our community as way to just say thanks.  You’re amazing. I know for me and my kids one the biggest thing is always getting rashes so when we got this holiday gift pack filled with Aquaphor healing diaper rash cream I was ecstatic. any mother worth her salt will tell you that diaper rash cream is good for any rash at any age. So thanks to all of the moms out there that are going above and beyond for your kids and probably someone else’s  kids every once in a while. Even though we may not always show it we most certainly always appreciate it.

How do you give the love back to your mom?