Giving Gifts For Him And HerDo you have anyone in your family or perhaps a co-worker or friend you are considering giving gifts for him and her?  Years ago I was invited to a his and hers bridal shower, which I thought was a great idea.  I bet you have been to a gazillion showers for the bride but the groom is kind of left out in the cold.  I remember when I got married and we were standing in our living room surrounded by gifts.  When we took stock of what we had, virtually every gift was for the kitchen, with a few for the bath thrown in for good measure. I tried to convince my new husband that the gifts were as much for him as they were for me.  After my speech, we both looked at each other and died laughing!  Those gifts were no more chosen with him in mind than a power tool would have been chosen for me.  So..all that was said to lead into why I wanted to get back to giving joint gifts.  Here are some really great suggestions if you want to give a his and hers gift this Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

Giving Gifts For Him And Her

  • Bedding: Have you ever seen pillow cases that are made with a his and her theme?  I love this idea, especially since they are put next to one another in your bed, just like you and your sweetheart.  One of my favorite sets was one a good friend of mine owned that had “Tonight” on one side and “Not Tonight” on the other.  I thought that was just so cute.
  • Key Chains: I have given matching key chains as a his and hers gift in the past and it was very well received.  I gave a sterling silver key chain that had a picture of my friends little boy to each of my friends and they just loved them so much, I knew I had made a great choice.
  • Pajamas: You have a few options with this one including buying one set of men’s pajamas and giving him the bottoms and her the top or you can find men’s bottoms that match a nightie for her or an identical pair of bottoms for her.  No matter which you choose any of these will be a cute idea.
  • Jewelry: There are some really nice options in this category as well.  I don’t like the obvious which would be the heart necklace that has the matching pieces for him and her I prefer to give something that isn’t so matchy matchy so the gifts complement each other rather than are exact duplicates of one another.  One of my favorite places to find really unique jewelry and other gifts has to be Made By Survivors.  This is a company that offers some gorgeous jewelry that has a very special meaning behind it.

Choosing Gifts That Make A Difference

Choosing Gifts That Make A Difference

If you knew you were choosing gifts that make a difference, would that be something you would be interested in?  If so, I have the perfect place you can do that!  Made By Survivors is an international non-profit organization that instead of giving a handout to those in extreme need, they offer a hand up.  Made By Survivors gives job and education to those who were victims of slavery and abuse as well as mothers and their children who lived in the most extreme cases of poverty.  The jobs offered through Made By Survivors offer not only a very high wage but also teaches business and leadership skills.  By affording these gifts, a whole new world opens up for these people who before felt there was no hope.  Since 2005, the Made By Survivors has:

  • Trained and employed 350 survivor artisans
  • Sent 250 children to school with our Education Fund
  • Trained 70 survivors as artisan goldsmiths – breaking gender barriers
  • Invested $165,000 in building new shelters
  • Invested $65,000  supporting our partners rescue programs
  • Invested $22,000 in aftercare programs for rescued survivors

Did I mention the beautiful and unique jewelry made by these strong individuals?  When I received my Tree Of Life necklace for her ($50.00) and the Bamboo Leaf ring for him ($48.00), I was just amazed.  The intricate details on the necklace are just stunning and the ring is just perfect as the complementary piece to it.  I love that the chain is as well made as the necklace itself as I hate how often you get a cheap chain for a nice necklace.  I kept the necklace for myself, but am giving my husband the ring and I cannot wait to see his face when he opens it on the 14th!

One reader will win a Tree Of Life Heart necklace ($50.00)


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