One of the most critical things for dancers on stage is that they concentrate on their moves and not on ill-fitted costumes or the melting foundation on their faces. In most cases, dancers need to apply their makeup long before they take to the stage, that’s why dancers require makeup that will endure as long as they will. To ensure your makeup holds on from the dressing room to the moment you return home after a performance, follow these tips.

Prep Your Skin: Just like the artist that needs a smooth canvas to paint a masterpiece on, you also need to prepare your face before you go about applying makeup. First, use a mild cleanser to wash your face with to get rid of oil and grime, which might have collected during the course of the day. Next, use a gentle exfoliating product to remove any dry flakes, which can make your skin’s surface uneven, and finish off using a light moisturizer application. Once this is completed, you are ready to proceed.

Apply Primer: Primer helps seal the glow of your freshly buffed skin, concealing pores and providing a smooth base for applying the foundation and the concealer. You may choose primers that have nutrients and antioxidants that will keep your skin healthy. Apply the primer around the eye area especially.

Mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow are flaky products, and you have probably noticed how they tend to move to under your eyes soon after you’ve applied them. With a primer, you can be assured it will last longer, even under the pressure of competitive dancing. It is possible to use a face primer on the eyes, but the most effective primer would be a specially formulated eye primer.

The Inseparable Bond Between Foundation and Powder

This is the golden rule of applying stage makeup – always layer foundation with powder. The powder will help set the foundation, making it last longer and ward off the ruining effects of heat and sweat. Go for a loose powder and apply it using a large sponge – as opposed to a brush – to achieve a longer-lasting set.

Plus, the powder you apply will create a beautiful glow under the harsh stage lights.

Use a Primer to Boost Blush

Dab some primer on your cheeks and rub the blush on top of it. This will make the color of the blush more intense, while making it last longer.

Define Your Eyes

When applying eye makeup, use a gel liner instead of a crayon to make it last long and reduce the chances of it smearing. While fake lashes will help your eyes pop more, do not hurry this process. Aim for fluffy fake lashes that will not flutter off mid-pirouette by letting the glue sit on the lash line for a minute.

Brighter Lips

Bright red pouts look great on stage, but without a matching lip liner, this look will not stay put during the dance performance. Use the liner to trace your lip’s outlines – liners tend to adhere better compared to lipstick, acting like a protective barrier for keeping the color in place.

Now that you are ready to hit the stage and look like a diva rocking your best discount dance supply outfit, gently mist a setting spray over your face. This will make the makeup last, while preventing it from flaking off.