Fresh Meadow Bakery

Finding Gluten free foods has been a trial for my family and I.  As a mom, you want to do all you can to keep your children healthy.  My son has had ear aches since he was 2 and he is now 8 years old.  In those few years he has gone through 6 set of tubes.  Recently, the  doctors recommended a dairy free and gluten free diet.  The search began to find things I knew Logan would like.  What a battle it was going to be for such a dainty eater.

I happen upon French Meadow Bakery and Cafe during my online search.  They have varied products to choose from.  I let Logan observe the site considering he is one that has to try it.  We were thrilled to receive a few products to try.  The box arrived with all the items in dry ice.  In the box we discovered gluten free Sandwich Bread, Cinnamon and Raisin bread , Multigrain bread, Pizza Crust and Brownies.  The class was having a party and Logan wanted to take the brownies.  They were easy to make and looked delicious. Some of the moms were asking for the recipe and were bewildered when I explained they were gluten free and where I got them.  Since then, we have tried them all and Logan’s favorite is the pizza crust then the brownies.

The Bakery has a dedicated building for their gluten free items.

We have gone to Whole Foods to buy a few more packages of the brownies and bread.  I was surprised the prices were not as high as I expected.  They ranged from $4.50 up to $7.00 not bad considering prices or other brands.  You can find French Meadow items at any Earth Fare, Whole Foods, Shop Rite Piggly Wiggly, Kroger and other stores in your area.


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