Go Green With Your Kids Lunches

My kids and I have been making our home more eco-friendly for the past few years. It all started when Caitlin came home from garden club in the 7th grade and was talking about recycling. They had a recycling center at the school and the teachers were encouraging families to participate in the process at home. We did some research and found we had free recycling pick up available as well as a recycling center a few miles from our home. In addition, we started a compost area, switched out cleaning products to a greener version and did the same with our bath products. Because Caitlin takes her lunch to school, we go through a lot of plastic baggies every week. In an effort to continue the planet friendly line of thinking, we decided to go green with Caitlin’s lunches as well. We decided to start using the reusable sandwich and snack bags from PaperlessKitchen.

Go Green With Kids

Over at PaperlessKitchen, they know we cannot all be an Al Gore and make huge efforts for global changes for our planet. We can however make small changes that when put together, can add up to pretty big changes. The company was founded to help business and individuals alike the chance to live a greener life by offering sustainable and reusable products.  Instead of offering one or two items,  PaperlessKitchen wants to help you replace your paper towels, synthetic nylon scrubbers, paper napkins and other like items for your kitchen. Not only is it a smart choice to go paperless in your kitchen for the planet, but it works for your budget as well. Just think about how much money you spend each month on disposable paper towels alone. If you were to replace those with a reusable alternative, you are saving big bank every year.

There is a new section available at PaperlessKitchen that I am personally excited about. They have dedicated an area called the Kids Korner, that can help you go green with kids at home and at school. With Caitlin taking her lunch to school, we needed a better replacement for the expensive and non planet friendly plastic baggies we use. With the rightly colored and fun patterns of the reusable sandwich and snack bags from PaperlessKitchen, Caitlin loves to pack her lunch. Heck, I have even gotten her excited to pack her own lunch because she loves to choose which bag she uses for which item. The prices range from $8.99 for a single sandwich bag to $12.99 for a sub sandwich size bag, and you can buy in multiples of 2 as well. With these costs,  you will quickly reimburse yourself from the baggies you have been buying. You can also find reusable food containers, cups and many other items for your kids in the Kids Korner. Be Sure to follow PaperlessKitchen on Facebook and Twitter.

One USA reader will win one Skoy Deluxe Kitchen Set of (12) cloths ($20.00)


  1. It would be way cool to use less bounty and use reusable/cleanable products of any kind such as reusable cloths!

  2. I love the full circle home in the buff green towel- perfect for my chef boyfriend who likes to have a towel over his shoulder when he’s cooking. 🙂

  3. The reusable paper towels would be my favorite item – I really like the idea of the lunch bags, but I honestly don’t take enough “dry” items to work with me for it to be worth the purchase.

  4. I would like the PEOPLETOWELS 5 DAY SUPPLY – STOP THE PAPER TOWELS. I hate using a paper towel just to throw it away after one use. Honestly, I rarely buy them.

  5. lunchskins! I like the idea of being able to cut back on plastic bags, but still have the flexibility that containers don’t always allow in lunch boxes.

  6. I dont do the cooking the kitchen is my husbands home and i would love to surprise him with the REUSABLE BAMBOO TOWELS.. They look real helpful!!!

  7. The jute drink coasters – TOOCKIES SUN COASTERS – are really earthy and subtle.
    I have a wood desk I sit at and always have something to drink next to me.
    I often put the cup down on a magazine so as not to leave a circle on the wood.
    Coasters would be useful.

  8. The e-cloth bathroom pack would be helpful to have on hand. I use a really old rag that needs to be retired (tossed)–really, it’s stained and has holes in it. I could use these for sure!

  9. The product that I would find the most use for in my home is the Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO Steam Cleaner. I have to clean my carpets frequently.

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