Go Green With Reusable Bags

I don’t know about you, but I am doing everything I can to use eco-friendly products. I am making an effort to Go Green with reusable bags, I am so tired of all the plastic bags that pile up in my pantry not to mention the impact all that plastic makes on the environment.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to review the SnapSac bagline.  They were generous enough to send me 4 bags to review and try out.  The Social Petite Tote (18″W – 12″H – 7.5″D), it is my go-to bag for the gym, I put my gym clothes, hat, iPod, keys and money (in the handy pocket) and I’m all set.  The Shoppe Grocery Tote (12.5″W – 12″H – 8″D), is perfect for groceries, books from the library and shoes.  The Splurge Super Tote (24″W – 16.5″H – 10″D), is nice and big and I keep it with my diaper bag to put miscellaneous items in that I pick up during the day (towel, blanket, shoes, socks, sippy cup, toys, magazines) you get the point, its my new handy helper.  The Spree Mega Tote (28″W – 19″H – 12″D), has come in handy at stores that don’t give bags, at the beach and for gathering stuff that collects in the car.

Folding Bags For Shopping

Do you need folding bags for shopping?  The SnapSac bags are the perfect bags for all your shopping needs.  They fold and snap for easy storing and can make your trips to the store a pleasure (no more plastic handles breaking or holes in the bottom of the plastic bags).  I shop at BJ’s and they don’t provide bags so these have been perfect especially the Splurge and the Spree for those larger awkward items. The nice things about these bags is that there is a size for every occasion, whether your going to work, shopping, the beach or just storing stuff in your car.  I must admit that I am a bag person, my husband says its ridiculous how many bags I have, I say a girl can never have too many bags.  I have been using these bags on a daily basis and I love them.  Everyone I come into contact with gives me a compliment on my bags and asks me where I got them.  The bags are made of 100% polypropylene and are very well made, with a pocket on the inside of each with great reinforced handles.  They come in neutral or pop and range in price from $2.99-$7.50.  I feel really good about these bags, not only are they stylish and super affordable but they are helping the environment as well (it doesn’t get any better than that).  SnapSac also carries lunch totes and larger cooler totes.  Check them out on Facebook!

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