college kidsI don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like thinking about GOING BACK TO SCHOOL that strikes fear deep in the pit of my heart. But it’s nonetheless something that I’ve considered time and time again. I’ve finally settled on Cosmetology school, an option that I’ll go into a bit later (you’ll love cosmetology school; really you will). The conclusion I came to is that a 2-year trade school degree carried with it many benefits. These benefits outweighed the cons by a fair margin, and these are what I allowed to make the final decision.

  • Going back to school costs and earns time. Marinello Schools of Beauty have been in operation since time immemorial. Each one is a cosmetology school that is really worth considering. I was at first aghast at the idea of attending cosmetology school because I thought I already don’t have any time to spare. And this got me thinking about time. Time, they say, is money. By going to school I was going to up my earning potential by, I calculated, 20-30%. So if I had that much more money…and time is money…I would have more time…right? It made sense in my head, and this was honestly one of the biggest reasons I went to cosmetology school and why I am recommending that you do that same (if you want to).
  • Going back to school is cheap if you do it right? My cosmetology school offered me more financial aid than I thought they were going to. They also made no more demands on my time than I could spare, while still maintaining family and social ties, writing my blog, sleeping, that kind of thing. Cosmetology school wasn’t cheap, but it was done in just 18 months, leaving me much more employable. I got to work 3 days a week, with extra shifts picked up on weekends. And this way I managed to pay off my cosmetology school bills in less time than it took to take the courses. Today I’m using my work to make extra income over and above my day job, and I’m loving every minute of it.
  • Going back to school makes you specifically employable. This is a nice contrast to how I was doing before I went back to school, when I was employable not at all. Trade schools are great like that. You get to pick a trade that you are interested in, get really specific training for not very much money, and likely have a job lined up on the other side of it all. To me, this sounds like the antidote to many of today’s underemployment blues, and a solution for the rising costs of education that never seems to pay off. If you are underemployed, or if you have yet to enter higher education and aren’t sure where to land yourself, think about a trade school like cosmetology school. Maybe it’s not the grandiose career you wanted as a kid, but hey we can’t all be astronauts. Or maybe it’s exactly what you want to do. Lots of us, deep down, just want to be good at something, performing a service that people need and taking pride in that. Trade school scratches that itch, let me tell you.


So whatever you decide, trade schools are worth a look. They are a lot cheaper than “elite” universities, but you are much more likely to be employed on the other side of the graduation stage. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the price of tuition and the state of the fields that graduates into. When you investigate these, trade and vocational schools start to look better and better.