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A Good Pair Of Slip On Shoes Can Make My Day

Good Looking Shoes That Are Eco Friendly

With school back in session, I have been looking for good looking shoes that are eco-friendly.  With two rapidly growing children in the house, it seems we are buying new shoes every few months!  I think the shoes wear out before the kids can even get them dirty!!  In Caitlin’s middle school, they have a dress code, so I try to find cool looking shoes to balance out the ho-hum uniforms they wear.  Although Henry is home schooled, he says he needs new clothes and shoes for his school too!!  Henry has just turned 11 and we are still working on tying his shoes.  With Henry’s autism, some tasks that are so simple are so complex for him.  It doesn’t help that he has OCD, which means EVERYTHING must be perfect or we cannot leave the house.  For that reason, I am eternally grateful to the person who invented slip on shoes!!  The problem with slip on shoes is you can’t always fine any that really look good on him.  If I have found trendy looking shoes, they are priced close to $100 and I refuse to spend that on a pair of shoes.

I am most honored and excited to introduce Burnetie Shoes to you.  This company is kind of like an onion; there are so many layers!  Burnetie Shoes is a socially responsible company that produces a shoe that is well made, looks great, is very affordable and is also eco-friendly.  This is one of few companies I have been lucky enough to be in contact with that cares as much about you the customer and our planet as they do their shoes!  The Burnetie shoes are made in factories that have Corporate Responsibility programs and proudly working towards a zero waste process in their manufacturing.  The rubber Burnetie uses is on their shoes is between 50-60% reused.  None of the Burnetie shoes have been made with any harmful or toxic materials or methods and they are able to keep their waste low.  The skateboarding community loves that the Burnetie Shoes are extremely well-made and have an incredible sole that has been made with a better grip, which keeps the skater from slipping from their board. Burnetie Shoes are exactly what you need, regardless if you are a pro skateboarder or an active home schooled kid!

Shoes That Are Comfortable And Cute

Have you had trouble finding shoes that are comfortable and cute?  I know I have and it is so frustrating!  When Dorothy Mannfolk from Mannfolk PR (one of my favorite people I work with) told me about Burnetie Shoes, I was eager to review some of their great looking shoes.  I chose the Backdrop in geranium pink ($29.75) for Caitlin and the Slip in Scarlet/Angel Falls ($35.00), for Henry.  What is really cool about the Backdrop is that the heel can be flattened into a pair of slip on shoes!  It is the coolest thing I have ever seen on a shoe.  With the Slip shoe that Henry was given, have this really cool pattern on them that makes them stand out from other shoes on the market.  I could not help but laugh when Henry put his shoes on and yelled “MOM, these shoes are awesome!  They make my feet want to jump really high!!”  I know, too stinking cute, right?!  If you are looking for a great looking shoe that is not only good looking and comfortable but are very affordable, Brunette is not a bad place to look!!

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