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It smells so good!

If you have kids, especially boys, you know how incredibly messy they can get. Sometimes it seems they literally dream of new and inventive ways to get into things, make a mess and spread the mess as far as possible! It really does not matter if they are playing outside, eating a meal or doing an arts and crafts project, these messes just happen. It is a crack up to see how some kids could care less about getting dirty and others cannot stand it. I have one kid who is an uber neat freak and another who is super messy and could live in the dirt. For busy moms at home or on the go, the Cat’s Tongue™ brand towels and products can get even the messiest of kids clean.

Cat's Tounge Towels
I can handle this clean up. No sweat mom!!

Keeping Kids Clean

The Cat’s Tongue™ brand is a line of heavy duty pre-moistened towels that are more than just a wipe. These towels are 8″ x 12.25″, have a unique scouring power, and are individually packaged in their own pouch for easy carrying. The pouches are small enough to slip into a pocket, saddle or diaper bag, purse, backpack and much more. The towels have two sides, one of which has a gentle abrasive on one side that is completely non-scratching. These towels were developed with the biking enthusiast in mind, but are perfect for everyone. When a Cat’s Tongue is sold, 25% of the proceeds will go to the Pan Mass Challenge and 100% of every dollar donated goes to cancer research, cures, and patient care via the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

I was sent a lot of the Cat’s Tongue™ towels and my family has found them super useful. With my super messy kids, they have come in really handy. I keep a handful with me and we have used them at Red Lobster, Dunkin Donuts, in the car and at home. For my son who is the neat freak, he loves using the Cat’s Tongue™ towels so much, I have had to hide them from him. My other boy, who on some days resembles Pig Pen from Peanut’s, has taken a liking to the Cat’s Tongue™ towels as well. Although he is not keen on getting cleaned up after making a mess, he has taken a liking to letting the “tiger” lick him clean! Not only do the Cat’s Tongue™ towels work super well, they smell really good too. You can buy the Cat’s Tongue™ towels in many forms including the convenient 30-count Easy Access canister for $9.99 to several bundles ranging in prices from $29.95 to $39.95. Be sure to follow Cat’s Tongue™ on Facebook and Twitter.

Got Dirt? Lick Messes With Cat’s Tongue

One USA reader will win one Free Clean Bottle, a 30 ct canister and a 10-pack of individual wrapped pouches. ($29.95)


  1. I cant live without wipes. I use them for everything, from cleaning messes to cleaning my kids faces. I even wipe the dogs faces with them.

  2. In the car – always a difficult clean up situation
    in my purse – again, when you are the furthest from a place to clean up is when you find yourself messy.
    or just typical eating mishaps at home

  3. i have twin boys who are always dragging in more than the outside germs. caught a couple of frogs and worms in the house. i would use them on my boys hands after they let go of the slimy worms.

  4. These would be great to keep in the car, in my purse and my husbands shop just to name a few places for quick and easy clean ups around the house and kids.


  5. Okay, I really love my BBQ ribs, so much that I would use these instead of the tiny toillettes they give you.

  6. Cleaning myself when primitive camping, cleaning my grandkids, cleaning up small pet messes, oh so many things.

  7. I have three girls and they are a mess for sure, these towels would come in handy especially on the go,

  8. I would use these for messes around the house and in the car. I would also use these for messes that my children get in at my husbands shop.

  9. I have a 2 year old son, messes are an everyday part of life. These be especially nice for all th time we spend in the car. Or for yesterday when I let him play in the mud puddle at his sisters soccer game. lol

  10. I would use these on all types of messes, but I’d love to have some in my car to clean up the drool that my dog leaves behind after car rides. Yucky!

  11. I love to bike and would take these with me on long rides and would also keep a couple of the individually wrapped wipes in my car for unexpected messes.

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