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I Love Avocados
I have been a huge avocado fan since I was really young.  My family has always been one to eat healthy, and my mom’s love for the yummy green fruit was evident in many dishes she served.  When I was 7 or 8 and I was in the kitchen helping mom with dinner and she showed me how to open an avocado and take out the center seed.  I remember thinking how cool it was that a big surprise was inside every avocado we used!  Now that I am a mother, I make many of the same recipes my mom made for me as well as new dishes I have served for my family.  My boys are as curious about cooking as I was and they had the same reaction the first time I opened an avocado for them as my mom did for me.

One of my favorite avocado recipes my mom made for us were her homemade guacamole, which was so creamy and delicious.  Mom used all fresh ingredients and whenever we had a get together at our house; mom always served and quickly ran out of her famous guacamole.  Another favorite for our family was black bean and avocado dip that mom made with her homemade salsa, diced avocado, black beans and grilled corn.  Yum!  One of the recipes I make for my family that is always a big hit is my avocado salad.  I basically add as many fresh ingredients as possible like bell peppers, onion, walnuts, raisins and fresh avocado with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.   You want to make a chocolate cake that is the moistest cake you have ever made, just add a half cup of creamy avocado.  The kids will never know!  The one thread that ties my mother’s cooking to mine is that we only use fresh Avocados from Mexico in our homes.


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