Gourmet Biscotti

Gourmet Biscotti

I love to spoil myself sometimes with gourmet biscotti in the morning.  What a great way to wake up by having delicious crunchy biscotti cookie.  I had my first biscotti when I was working in a coffee house in Atlanta.  There were several different biscotti in large glass jars next to the espresso machine.  If someone wanted biscotti with their coffee, we would take one from the jar and put it on the plate next to the cup.  During our down time, we would make ourselves a latte and dip the biscotti in it.  YUMMY!  We probably ate 5-6 biscotti every shift!!  The biscotti was developed in Italy and the name means twice baked, which is where they get their signature crunchiness from.

The biscotti cookie was created during the 14th century in Italy and it is still a favorite today.  Nonni’s Biscotti is the number one seller of biscotti on the market and are the only brand that sells nationwide.  In the little town of Lucca, Italy, nestled among quaint pizzas, Nonni (which is Italian for grandmother) made biscotti from scratch for her family.  Almost 100 years ago, Nonni came to America and with her came the recipe.  The same family recipe which uses all fresh ingredients is still being used today.  The biscotti are light, crunchy and delicious.  There are several varieties of biscotti ranging from plain to dark chocolate with almonds to toffee.

Cookies for Breakfast

I love cookies and I love breakfast, so why not cookies for breakfast!  Paring up biscotti and coffee has been around just about forever and it is gooood!  I was asked to review samples of Nonni’s Biscotti and I was so excited to try them.  I received a 7 oz. bag of the plain almond as well as the dark chocolate with almond ($12.47).  I am absolutely hooked on the dark chocolate and almond biscotti.  The biscotti brings the flavor of your coffee to a whole new level and it is a delicious one!!  It is so yummy to dunk your crunchy bit of bliss into your favorite flavor of coffee; it is a marriage of flavors made in Heaven!!  With it being so hard to choose which of the flavors of biscotti to have with my coffee, it is only logical I should have one of each with each cup of coffee I drink.  Makes perfect sense to me, how about you?  Well, I am off now to have a mid-afternoon cup of coffee and biscotti!

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