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Being a full time mommy and wife, it becomes easy to put my doggies on the back burner. I have two dogs, Grace and Brooke. Both of my dogs are my original babies, and rescues. Brooke came in to my life first, only a few months after I met Chris. I was still in college and had just gotten my own apartment. I found her abandoned and very thin and matted. Thinking that she was sick, I brought her to the vet, only to receive a clean bill of health. All she needed was love. Next came Grace. Chris and I had been together for 2 years at this point and had just purchased our first house. We decided we needed another dog to fill some of the empty space, plus Chris was through with living with just the ladies and really wanted a male dog. We went to the local animal shelter and Chris fell head over heels in love with Grace, a female Labrador mix puppy. Because Brooke was severely malnourished early on, she is on a special soft food diet. Grace, on the other hand, eats whatever dry food we give her.

Because most of our funds each month go towards baby gear and Brooke’s special food, Grace had been eating whatever dry food we could afford. About a year ago we noticed that Grace was beginning to show her age. She will be 8 this November, and has gotten grey and is losing a bit of the spring in her step. We knew it was time to change her food.

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Purina ONE® was the first dry dog food that I researched. Their prices are very affordable, especially considering the ingredients that are used. Have you heard of the Purina ONE®: 28-Day Challenge? I signed Grace up for the 28-Day challenge after selecting the Purina ONE®  Dry Smart Blend Lamb and Rice Adult Formula Dog Food. Normally, Grace would mull over her food bowl and maybe take a few bites and walk away. She would graze throughout the day and eventually finish her meal by mid-day. Now, she finishes her entire meal in one sitting!

28-day challenge energy

While completing the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge, Grace has regained some of her old puppy tendencies. She plays with her toys again, lets Aidan ride her around the living room and even finds the time to soak up some sun in the backyard.

28-day challenge skin

Not only does Grace have more energy, she hasn’t looked this good in years! She was having some trouble with dandruff and flaking but since the 28-day challenge, her skin and coat are beautiful and shiny again! Her eyes are bright and her youthful glow has returned.

28-day challenge dental

Since completing the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge, we have definitely noticed that Grace’s breath has improved. We normally brush her teeth every month or so, but she still had a funky smell happening. Now, her breath has freshened and her teeth even look healthier. The increased digestibility of Purina ONE® not only helps increase energy, but has seemingly helped her dental health.

28-day challenge grace Interested in helping out shelter dogs nationwide? For Every person that signs up for the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge, Purina One will donate $10 to the Petfinder Foundation to help shelter dogs find permanent homes. Visit Purina ONE® for more information on their charity work.

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