Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is an important time for young men and women. It marks the passing into adulthood and these graduation gift ideas say just that. Each one of these items says, “You are now a grown up” and “Welcome to the Real World!” which is what every grad wants to hear, and that they are now viewed as equals and peers and not the little kids they were the day before.  I have personally bought and or reviewed the below items and I have also given them as gifts to the graduates in my life.

A Leather Padfolio – My son just graduated high school, and I wanted to give him a classy gift that would also be able to use daily for his new school. This leather padfolio was high quality and made him feel “all grown up.” Every teen going into the real world needs a little “I think of you as an adult” boost. More

More Great Gift Ideas

Roku 2 Mini Microwave – The iCube microwave is a perfect graduation gift for a recent grad that is going away for college. It s compact size and the fact that it is easy to carry with a handle makes it “dorm ready.” I know when I was in college, I did not have time to prepare a stove meal and depended heavily on my microwave. More

Unique Graduation gifts can be found at many stores, some of them even online. You can get the best graduation gifts by browsing a bit online to find what the grad in your life is interested in.