Great Family Games For Christmas
If you have family coming over this holiday season, do you have great family games fro Christmas to play?  I am sure our family is like many others in which you have a mix of folks that come to your home for the holidays.  You may have friends from work or church or your mommy day out program.  You may have family you see often and those who are only able to make the trip once a year.  In most of these scenarios, I have found that having a small arsenal of games to break the ice or get reacquainted is a very good idea.  There are so many games to choose from that it may get a bit daunting trying to decide what game to play.  Here are some great suggestions I found while searching the internet.  I hope you are able to find this list helpful:

Great Family Games For Christmas

  •  Family Tree: This is a hilarious game that will get the entire room laughing.  You can ask for a volunteer or you can just offer yourself up as the “tree”.  One by one, you guests will tape paper ornaments (that you and your kids made all week) to your body.  There is no real winner, but the laughs that are sure to ensue are payment enough. Just don’t let anyone get near you with a camera!
  • Christmas Song Charades or Pictionary: This is a really fun game that will get the whole room involved.  First you need to write down the names of well-known (or less known if you are feeling like a Scrooge) Christmas songs.  You can either act the song out or you can draw it, either way you will have great fun.
  • Christmas Trivia:  You will need to do a little homework on this one by looking of facts about Christmas.  You will find a ton of information out there like how the holiday got started, where did Saint Nick come from and what are the names of all those reindeer?  Your friends and family may not know all the answers now, but they will be better prepared next year!
  • Group Participation Games: If you are not the type who wants to out a lot of thought or effort into a game for your party, there are always the store bought option.  The best games you can find would be those that don’t require you to move pieces on a board or anything the entire group cannot participate in.  It is no fun to sit back and watch someone else having fun while you wait your turn to play.  One of my favorite game companies that makes some really fun games for your gathering is Blue Orange Games.  This eco conscious company who got their name from a poem by Paul Elurd which begins with, “The earth is blue like and orange…”.  I think you can kind of see from the origin of the name that this group knows how to have a good time!

Fun Games For A Group

Fun Games For A Group

If you are looking for fun games for a group, look no further than Blue Orange Games.  This company uses high quality eco-friendly and durable materials on all their game pieces and accessories.  In order to maintain the precious balance of our earth, Blue Orange Games plants two trees for every one tree used in making their games.  Just this year, 8 new games were added to the award winning line up of family friendly games.  My family was given several games to play including the most popular of them all, Spot It ($13.99), as well as Analyze Me! ($19.99), Trigger ($12.99) and Speedy Bee ($12.99).  In order to review the games properly and fairly, we felt it only right to play a marathon of Blue Orange Games.  So, over the course of 5 hours, 1 large pizza, 8 diet sodas, 16 potty breaks, 1 large bowl of popcorn and a million laughs, we decided that Spot It! was our favorite.  The game is easy to learn and any age group would enjoy playing it tremendously. With Spot It! you have 55 circular cards that have 8 of 50 total words and images on each card.  We took turns “dealing” the cards which entails turning over 2 cards face up where everyone can see them.  There is only 1 match available on any 2 cards and the first person to yell out the answer wins that round.  We could not stop laughing!!  This is now one of our favorite games and the kids even told our friends that they had to try the fun game they just played!  Needless to say, this is going to be one heck of a funny Christmas party next weekend!!  You can buy your Blue Orange Games from Amazon or you can go to their home page and the store locator will find you a retailer nearby.

One reader will win the game Spot It ($13.99)

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