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Great Games To Play At A Girl’s Sleepover

With winter break here in a few days, I am already thinking about great games to play at a girl’s sleepover.  Caitlin has already asked if she can invite a few friends over during her school holiday.  I am great at organizing parties, getting the food and drinks, finding room for everyone to sleep and playing referee.  What I am not great at is thinking up fun things for them to do while they are here.  I did a search and found some great ideas that you may like as well.

Great Games To Play At A Girl’s Sleepover

 Spin The Bottle Of Nail Polish: This is a really fun game that should probably have a grownup supervise.  Have the girls sit around a table you have covered with a vinyl tablecloth.  Gather up several bottles of nail polish and put them in a basket.  Each girl will take turns spinning the bottle.  When the bottle lands on one of the girls, she will reach in for a bottle of polish and paint one nail that color.

Blind Make Over: This can be really funny but be sure you have non-toxic and washable make up.  One girl will volunteer to be “it” and she will sit in a chair.  One girl will volunteer to be blind folded and will be the make-up artist.  With only the girls in the group to guide her, the make-up artist will apply make-up to the girl in the chair.  Be sure to have a camera for this one!

Guess Who: This is a very cute and fun game.  Choose a person to be “it” and send them into another room.  Everyone else will hide under blankets, pillows, sleeping bags or whatever they can find.  Once all are hidden, one person will tell the person who is “it” to come back in the room.  They are to tap the lumps until they tap one of the hidden girls.  In a disguised voice, the person says “hello”.  If the person who is “it” guesses the person correctly, that person will now be “it”.

Board Games: If you can find a fun board game that the whole group can enjoy, this is a great idea.  I have a few games that are good for 2-4 people, but nothing that works for a large group.  That is, not until I discovered a fantastic game that is perfect for larger groups.  Reverse Charades is a fun twist on the traditional game of charades and beware because it is addictive!

Fun Board Games For Groups

I have been looking for fun board games for groups for a while.  We have friends over a pretty good bit and we always say how fun it would be to have a few games we could play.  There is nothing better than a rousing game that pits friends against each other!  When I first heard about Reverse Charades, I wasn’t sure what to think of it.  I couldn’t wrap my head around how it would work.  It is actually very simple (as my 11 year old announced to me) to play and it is hard to stop!  My birthday was this weekend, and we had my daughter and her boyfriend in for the weekend.  We decided to break out the award winning game of Reverse Charades ($29.99) and see how it was.  We had the boys against the girls and things got loud and fun fast.  You get a card with a word that the entire team is going to act out to the person who is the guesser.  You have 60 seconds to guess as many words as you can, so every second counts.  We had such a great time with this game and I would highly recommend it to everyone. We laughed our heads off when Chelsea’s boyfriend Mike was acting out “taking a shower”.  Henry decided to act out “open a present” by literally opening a present!!  We were also given Reverse Charades Junior ($29.99) which is great for the younger kids to play.  So, no matter the age, there is a Reverse Charades for everyone to enjoy.  You can purchase Reverse Charades on Amazon, Books A Millon, Barnes and Noble and other local stores which are listed on the Reverse Charades website.

One reader will win their choice of either Reverse Charades ($29.99) or Reverse Charades Junior ($29.99)

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  2. Love the original and love the idea of an app. This looks like something that I could use in my group therapy sessions as an ice breaker!! Very Cool!

  3. My favorite product is definitely the Original Reverse Charades! It looks like do much fun! Thanks for the great giveaway! 🙂

  4. For some reason the website wouldn’t load for me, but the holiday expansion edition that other commenters mentioned sounds fun.

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