This post was sponsored by Adore Me as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review. The holidays are approaching and it’s the season of giving and receiving of gifts. One should give a little extra thought to the gifts you give to the girl who has captured your heart and soul, no matter what time of year it is. By simpling paying attention to the subtle and sometimes not so subtle hints they give you. While there is no sure thing that will please every woman out there without fault here are a few great gift ideas that you can build on that will show her how much she means to you.


Great Gift Ideas To Show Her Your Love

  • A Day At The Spa: I never met a woman that doesn’t love to be pampered every once in while. Your gesture of sending her to a full day at the spa to treated head to toe like the queen she is never a bad way to show your appreciation for your love.
  • Personalized Items: Making memories and giving those memories as personalized gifts to your best girl is a great way to showcase your crafty side and say I love you soo much I took the time to actually make you a gift.
  • Homemade Coupon Book: This is one of my favorites. It’s totally customizable to your needs. Just print out a little booklet with various coupons for her to cash in such as free massages or nights off from chores. get creative and give her the things you really know she wants. It’s a fun way to keep your love strong.
  •  A Day Of Devotion: Most of the women I know are hard workers and always thinking or moving. Pick a day and tell them not to schedule anything. After you make them breakfast in bed you tell her the day is hers and you are at her disposal for anything her heart desires.
  • Sexy Undies: Women love to feel sexy and they love it even more when their true love sees them as sexy. Some nice lingerie is a beautiful way to tell your love that you think she is sexy and want to see her show it. If you uncomfortable shopping for your ladies lingerie then check out Adore Me, a new way to shop for lingerie online that is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Adore Me has over 500 different styles available in sizes from petite to plus with new lines premiering every month. The best thing about giving this as a gift is it can become the gift that keeps on giving. For a $39.95 you can join their monthly VIP membership. This gives you first looks at each month’s new line and a matching set of lingerie or sleepwear from the new line. Other perks include $10 of any style at anytime, free shipping and exchanges, exclusive sales and sets and every sixth set is on them. The membership is flexible so you don’t have to buy every month. For a limited time from November 13th until Cyber Monday November 30th you can sign up and get your first set at $19.95 using the code GETGLAM19. So if you really want show her your love with a gift that keep things fresh and fun for both of you, then look no further than Adore Me.

What the most unique way you’ve ever expressed your love?

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