Great Gifts For Bookworms

I absolutely love to read! If I was going to be stranded on a deserted island, please send along a huge library of books. I could get along without my internet access and electronic devices, but not my books. When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was to go to the library with my mom. We could spend hours there browsing through the books and choosing which treasures and far away places I would bring home with me. I love to read so much, I have been known to be reading and walking at the same time and bumping into a wall! Caitlin is as crazy about books as I am, and honestly, she is probably more into books as I am. Caitlin’s birthday is around the corner, so I decided to get her something useful as well as fashionable. I decided to go with a book theme and here were my top 5 items I thought she would like.

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5 Gifts Ideas For Bookworms

  1. Reading Light: You cannot read without a good light or you will kill your eyes. I have a clip on light which is on my headboard and I can adjust it as I need. I also love the small lights you can clip on your book. This is so convenient and it isn’t so bright that the person next to you will not be disturbed if they are trying to sleep.
  2. Tote Bag: We go to the library a lot, and I hate trying to juggle all the books we get. Giving a tote bag for the reader on your list is a perfect choice. Find a store where you can get their name or initials monogrammed on the bag for a personal touch.
  3. Book Holder: If you have a bookworm on your list who also works out, a book holder for their elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike would be perfect.
  4. Home Decor: There are a lot of really cool home decor items using books that would make great gifts for bookworms. You can find light covers or wall art made from the pages of books.
  5. Reading Pillow: I do most of my reading in bed, while Caitlin reads outdoors in the hammock or the wooden swing. A good reading pillow is great for back support or just for a comfy reading spot.

Majestic Home

Because we are in the middle of a room makeover for Caitlin, I wanted to get her something to match her new room colors. The perfect gift for her was the Pacific Zazzle Reading Pillow from Majestic Home Goods. This reading pillow, with its grey, white and aqua chevron stripes, fits in with Caitlin’s new room colors perfectly. The pillow, which sells for $99 on the Majestic Home Goods website is one of the most comfortable I have ever used. The pillow can be used for indoor or outdoor use, so it fits into Caitlin’s lifestyle like it was made for just for her! The zippered slipcover is made from woven outdoor treated polyester, so it will not fade in the sun. You can spot clean the slipcover and hang it to dry, so even if Caitlin gets it dirty, it will clean up well, which is important to me.

The pillow is incredibly comfortable and Caitlin has taken it with her outside everyday day since we have had it. Majestic Home Goods has been seen on the Today show and also sells poufs, ottomans, cubes and bean bag chairs. They are a leading designer as well as manufacturer of top notch soft home furnishings. Their modern patterns and bright and vibrant colors are sure to stand out in any room. They have been featured on HGTV Magazine, Country Living Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine. Their sister site, Majestic Pet sells amazingly high quality pet beds. Be sure to stay current with the latest from Majestic Home Goods by following them on Twitter. One USA reader will win a Pacific Zazzle Reading Pillow ARV $99.

Where is your favorite book and your favorite place to read it?


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