I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for Gratify Gluten Free Foods. I received Gratify products to facilitate my review. Now that the holidays are coming up on us pretty fast we’ll all start planning our little get togethers with our friends, families and co-workers. When we plan our little shindigs we always have to plan for the food right? One little small detail that often seems to slip through the cracks when people are planning is the increased numbers of their peers that are becoming gluten intolerant. Unable to eat the same party fare as anyone else they must plan carefully if they want to eat. I say if we are hosting the party then we should take that burden off of them and plan accordingly by providing some high quality gluten free snacks for their enjoyment during the festivities.

Gluten Free Snacks Never Tasted So Good

  • Sea Salt Pretzel Snacks: These delicious snacks come in your choice of the traditional pretzel twists, pretzel sticks or pretzel thins which are like like a nice crispy pretzel bagel thin. Perfect for scooping up some tasty gluten free dip.
  • Sesame Pretzel Thins: Similar to the Sea Salt thin except it’s nicely coated with toasted sesame seeds for a nice savory touch of flavor. The Sesame pretzel thins and the Sea Salt pretzel thins compliment each other nicely when served mixed.
  • Sweet & Salty Covered Pretzels: Well it just wouldn’t be complete without some sweet gluten free snacks to go along with rest now would it? How about some delicious gluten free pretzel twists dipped and covered in milk chocolate and delicious creamy yogurt for the perfect combination of sweet and salty that is sure to give gratification to even the most discerning gluten free palate. All of these awesome snacks from Gratify will ensure your gluten free guests are cared for and you might find yourself liking them too.


Gratify gluten free snacks are available at stores in your area now but they want to give a chance to win one of their holiday gift packs filled with every variety imaginable of their delicious gluten free snacks, the perfect gift for that special someone on your list. Get a coupon here to try for yourself and enter to win  the holiday prize pack below.

Have you tried gluten free foods lately? What did you think? Was it what you were expecting?


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  1. I would love to try this gluten-free brand, especially the Sea Salt Pretzel Snacks! I’m sure my family would enjoy it!

  2. It’s difficult to find gluten-free snacks that actually taste good. These sound like they would be worth the try.

  3. These Gratify gluten free snacks look so good and I love that they are gluten free. These snacks are great for all occasions especially for my Christmas party.

  4. his post is very well written with a great idea to bring these snacks along to the office party – watch them be the first nacks to go

  5. My whole family has trouble with Gluten issues so it is great to find a company that has a product that can help us. We do like to snack too.

  6. I have celiac disease, so I am always interested in GF foods. 🙂 I also try to have some on hand for when guests stop by, but I am still figuring out what brands taste best.

  7. Great! I hope to see them in stores near me soon. I have a friend that is on a gluten free diet and I like to have snacks and treats available to her

  8. Pretzels are always a good snack, then being gluten free is a bonus, my stomach is always bothering me and I noticed if its gluten free it doesn’t hurt.

  9. These look so yummy! I think it’s a great idea to have some allergy-sensitive options available at parties for my guests! 🙂

  10. I would love to try these products. And yes, i think it is important to consider such food limitations in the present day.

  11. I would love to try the milk chocolate covered pretzels. It is nice that Gratify comes in a lot of varieties for those who need to avoid gluten.

  12. I think that it’s really cool that you take the time to think about those guests who don’t eat gluten when planning a party.

  13. I have tried a few gluten free products. I had some brownies and crackers that were pretty good. Gluten free bread….not so good.

  14. i recently became interested in being gluten free and i am happy to read about these products. they sound amazing.

  15. I’ve been trying more gluten free foods lately. I’m so pleasantly surprised how good they are and the large variety available now.

  16. My hubby recently discovered that he is gluten intolerant so we have been searching for products for him to try. We are definitely going to check out Gratify Foods.

  17. These snacks sound so good. I have so many medical problems that I have started using gluten free products. I love the taste and going to get the coupon and try these too.

  18. My son has Celiacs so I’m always looking for new foods to try and this looks great will have to try it.

  19. I’ve tried some gluten free foods before and they didn’t taste the best. I do however think that gluten free foods are getting better these days.

  20. I am very excited to try these, I have recently started trying to avoid gluten and I am still learning… thanks for sharing these, I definitely want to try!

  21. My SIL is coming home for the holidays and she is a Celiac so this would be great to have some good snacks for her

  22. I haven’t really tried gluten free foods but am interested to try them and see if they are as tasty as regular food!

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