Great Ice Breakers
If you are hosting a holiday get together or two, you may want to find some great ice breakers.  When I was working in the restaurant business, I was in charge of training.  Part of my training was to play a game that was aimed at team building while at the same time, getting to know each other.  Don’t you hate the first day on a new job because you feel so awkward and aren’t sure how you will fit in?  I am a bit of an enigma because I am very friendly and outgoing, but when you first meet me, I am very shy.  That is why I love to find fun icebreakers when I am going to be in a setting where most of the people don’t know each other.  I have a party coming up next weekend and I wanted to find some good tips on making everyone feel comfortable and have a good time.  Here are some great ideas I found:

  • 2 Truths and a Lie: This is a really fun game to play with a group of people who don’t know each other very well.  Each person will state 3 facts; 2 truths and a lie.  The guests in the room will go around the room guessing which fact is the lie.  You can give out pieces of candy or a small party favor for each correct guess.
  • Over The Mountain:  This is a really fun and often very silly game to play.  We played this game when I was in a play and all the actors got together at the first rehearsal and played this game.  You get the group in a circle and one person volunteers to go first.  That person will say “Over the mountain if you have ever…” and anyone who has done this activity stand up and everyone changes seats, including the person who was in the middle.  So I may say “Over the mountain if you have ever painted your toe nails”. Anyone in the group who has ever painted their toe nails will jump up and then there will be a mad rush to switch seats.  The person who is left standing, gets in the middle and states their “over the mountain”.  Needless to say, this game can get very personal and very funny.
  • Board Games For Groups:  There are some great board games that you can play in teams, which is great when you have a large group of folks.  You can easily split into teams of 2-4 or more and play the game.  You can pick a captain for your group that may be the spokesperson for that group. One of the most fun games I have recently played with my family is from North Star Games.  This up and coming game company has got some very fun and soon to be very popular games for all ages and all settings.

Fun Games To Play At A Party

So, my oldest daughter and her boyfriend are coming to visit and I wanted to find fun games to play at a party.  Since it is my birthday weekend, we decided to invite some friends over to see Chelsea, meet Mike and celebrate the joyous occasion which is my birth.  Say Anything Family ($29.99) and Wits & Wagers Family ($29.99) from North Star Games are two of the funniest games I have ever played.  These games are just perfect for any party and they can be played with the family, just the kids or just the adults.  Here is the basic premise for each:

Fun Games To Play At A Party

  • Say Anything:  You will choose a “judge” who will choose a card and will pick one item on the card for the other players to answer on their reusable card (how smart is that?!).  So let’s say I am the judge and the card I chose included the question “What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?” and each person will write down their answer.  One by one, the players will show their answers and when everyone has shown their answer, the judge spins the wheel and chooses the answer.  Now each player will take their 2 tokens and place them on the card they think the jugs chose.  When the judge reveals their answer, anyone who chose that answer will receive the allotted points.  The first player to 12 points is the winner.
  • Wits & Wagers: This is such a fun game and it moves pretty fast and it gets the spirit of competition going right off the bat!  You will choose who reads the first card and they will ask the question to the group.  Once they ask the question (which will have a numerical answer), each player will write the answer they think is correct on their reusable card and place if face down.  When everyone is done, the cards are turned over and placed in numerical order.  Now each player will take their “meep” and place it on the answer they think is correct.  They get 2 large meeps which are worth 2 points and 2 small meeps that are worth 1 point.  The person who guesses correctly without going over gets the points.  What I love about this game is the meeps.  When Henry was around 4 he began speaking in how own language (apparently many kids with autism do this) and his work for happy was “meep” and he would bounce around like Tigger saying meep, meep, meep pretty much all day long!  We even names out cat Meep!

So, needless to say, we are going to have a good time playing both games with our friends and family and I can’t wait!!  We had a great time with the four of us and I think our favorite is Wits & Wagers because the kids seemed to play this a bit easier than Say Anything.  I think Mike and Chelsea will like both and we are planning on doing just that!!

Two readers will each win one game, chosen by random from North Star Games ($29.99)

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  1. I think the wits & wagers game would be the most fun. I think it would be easier for my daughter to play also 🙂

  2. I like the Crappy Birthday game. We played the Wits and Wagers on Christmas Eve with my sister in law and it was a huge hit!

  3. Witts and Wagers definitely sounds like it would be fun and interesting… that one and Crappy Birthday! lol I can already imagine some of the crazy responses.

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