Best outdoor toys for summer

My kids love to play outside. We go to parks all the time and have a great, fenced-in back yard. I love when an outdoor toy is fun and entertaining.  Koosh Solar Recon and Koosh Galaxy Star Scout are two new ball launchers by Hasbro. They are perfect for “the toddler wars” and sometimes the dog even gets involved.

Best Outdoor Toys for Summer

The Koosh ball launcher was developed with smaller kids around ages 4 to 7 in mind.  It is one of the Best Outdoor Toys for Summer.  They are very easy-to-use for little hands. The colorful galaxy themed ball launchers allow little kids to play with toys similar to the big kids. The Koosh ball launchers can be played indoors or outdoors which is great! Living in Florida, sometimes it gets too hot and too rainy. The Koosh balls are made with soft foam which allows for flexibility when it is too hot to be outdoors.  Koosh was developed with parents in mind, and are told by parents across 6 countries the most important attributes for active play products are:  Durable, Age-Appropriate, Fun, Easy to use, Encourages outdoor play, and Good Value. Look at Jakobi aka the terminator!

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Encourage Imagination in Children

Both the Solar Recon and the Galaxy Star Scout are great to encourage imagination in children since they are galactic-size and encourages them to create their own adventure. The Solar Recon is equipped with glow-in-the-dark blasting power and some very cool sounds and lights, while the Galazy Star Scout has quick-blasting action and easy to pull-to-launch blast, giving young heroes a chance to get in on the action! Creating targets can also help facilitate the adventure and fantasy for kids; they are great for engaging them in their play time.

Koosh ball launchers can be found at major toy retailers in the boys’ preschool aisle. Both the Koosh Solar Recon and the Koosh Galaxy Star Scout are currently on sale at Toys R Us for $22.49 and $9.74.