Whether you’re looking for a full all-you-can-eat experience or a filling soup and salad bar to accompany your meal, you can still enjoy buffet-style dining in many restaurants across the US. Buffets and salad bars allow you to pick and choose the foods you want in a more casual setting. They’re great for picky eaters and for those with an appetite. So, if you happen to be in the United States for business or pleasure, here are 4 reasons to experience a buffet:

1. More Bang for Your Buck

Most buffet-style restaurants charge you a flat fee for the all-you-can-eat experience. However, some offer a soup and salad bar buffet as an add-on to an existing meal or as the meal itself.  Either way, you pay less for a buffet meal than you typically would for an entrée. An affordable steak dinner might run you $25 to $30, whereas a buffet filled with a variety of foods will cost around $15.

2. Choose What You Want

Buffets and salad bars allow you to pick and choose as little or as much food as you want. While you might feel hungry as a bear heading into a buffet, oftentimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Still, the cost of the meal plus the menu options are well worth it.

For example, a restaurant called Eat’n Park, which is located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, gives customers the option to purchase the soup, salad, and fruit bar on its own or in addition to a meal. You can send an Eat n’ Park e-gift card to a friend for as little as $10 and know they can choose what items to fill their plate with. Whether they prefer a large helping of fresh veggies, sweet fruit, or a couple of bowls of hearty soups, they won’t be disappointed.

3. No Need to Wait

When you walk into a restaurant that offers buffet-style dining, you typically don’t have to wait to help yourself. While a waiter or waitress may come around to take your drink order, nothing is stopping you from grabbing a plate and choosing what you want. For instance, when you visit any of the 450 Golden Corral locations across the US, you pay for your meal and get your drink upon entering. After that, you grab a table or head straight to the buffet. Depending on what time you dine, you can enjoy pancakes, scrambled eggs, shrimp, sliced ham, meatloaf, pizza, pot roast, and more!

4. Casual Atmosphere

There’s no need to put on a suit and tie or worry about having to find a babysitter for the kids. Buffets are the perfect place to stop for a bite to eat while on a road trip. Or a great place to gather with family members and a large group of friends to celebrate a birthday or plan that next baby shower. You won’t be escorted out for wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and your favorite sneakers.

In short, buffets are a tasty and affordable option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s perfect for families and larger groups of people, and it lets you choose the food you want. If you happen to be traveling to the US, check to see if any of these other buffet style restaurants are near you:

  • Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes

This California-based buffet has over 90 locations and offers healthy food choices along with buffet items that are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

  • Cicis Pizza

If you’re craving pizza and have an appetite to match it, Cicis Pizza is the place to visit. With over 400 locations across the US, swing by Cicis and enjoy all the pizza you can eat.

  • Sizzler

With over 200 locations to choose from, their menu boasts of an impressive 50-ingredient salad bar. Their menu also offers entrée options like steak, seafood, chicken, ribs, and burgers.

  • Shoney’s

This restaurant has been around for over 70 years and can be found in 17 states across the South and Midwest. The Fresh Food bar offers a variety of traditional buffet items.

Parting Words

Eating at a buffet-style restaurant can be one of the best experiences you’d have when traveling through the United States. Buffet-style restaurants are affordable, have quick service, variety in the menu, and a casual atmosphere that’s perfect for the adventurous traveler. Make your trip to America memorable and don’t miss out on buffet-style restaurants.