great sound quality headphones

When it is time to go shopping for my husband’s headphones, I know I need to look for a pair of great sound quality headphones, but what is it that makes great sound quality headphones? I researched a bit and found out that the specs vary differently from brand to brand. Do you want bass power? Then you want to look for something with a frequency response beginning at as low as possible. For music, you want to look at your highs, mids, and low frequencies. then you have to decide if you want noise cancelling or not.

Great Sound Quality Headphones

The only way to listen to music is with a pair of great sound quality headphones. Without them, the rumbling of the bass and clarity of the artist singing gets lost. Musicians and producers work extra hard to get the sound perfected and can be torn down in a second with a set of low grade headphones. Comfort is also a key factor in picking out the perfect pair. They tend to be one size fits most and, of course, everyone is shaped differently. Wicked Audio is a company that meet these requirements and then some. All of their products consist of great sound quality headphones along with great prices to meet each person’s needs, wants, and styles.

A fan favorite is the Wicked Audio Mojo. These are in-style headphones that fit nice and snug into your ear. This really heats up the sound quality! Some fun stats about this set is the 4ft/1.2m cord length and gold-platted plug. They also offer a different color for almost every single day of the week. Red, orange, and purple are just half of their great color selection.

Another great set from their over-the-ear collection would be the Wicked Audio Solus. These might not come in all of the funky colors that the Mojo does, but it stands out on it’s own with just one color. Red! With the color of fire and bold flavor, it will be hard not to stand out from a crowd. The head set is adjustable and the cushions of each ear piece are super comfortable in order to make the listening of music last all day long. Not only is it’s cord also 4ft/1.2m like Mojo, but is also paired with a 6ft/1.8m extension cord to give more room for all of those awesomely funky moves! Wicked Audio started in 1995 so it is no wonder why they have had such an amazing success at making such great sound quality headphones.


  1. I personally feel monster beats by dre are the most effective noise revoking headphones, I have both the in ear tours which are impressive literally like a concert in my ears then the studios are well … Professional… hence are not cheap … well they are if you know where to go shopping!

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