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Great Toys For Rainy Days

I took a lot of time and energy planning how the kids would spend their summer. I got a trampoline and a pool and they have scooters, bikes and skateboards. We have a few parks nearby and a gorgeous nature center within a few miles of our home. We even have a really fun water park with a huge grassy area to play Frisbee, tag or hide and seek. The one thing I did not plan for was finding great toys for rainy days! We have some board and video games, but they have played with those so much they are a little board with them. I wanted to find something that was different that would occupy them for more than a few minutes. With the Danish building toy from Les Déglingos, Plus-Plus® , kids ages 3 and up will enjoy hours of fun. These small pieces connect to build whatever your child can think of because the only limit is their imagination.

Great Toys For Rainy Days

I do not mind when the kids want to play video games or watch television. I am a bit of a television addict myself, so I completely understand. I just do not want the kids to have those as their only source of entertainment when the weather is not cooperating. We have had a stretch of severe weather lately that has kept the kids in for days at a time. The one toy they had a lot of fun playing with was the Plus-Plus® building sets. We were sent 2 sets of the Plus-Plus®  from the US company, Geared For Imagination, so they could each have one to create with. We received the mini size, which is 20 mm, but you can also order the larger, 50 mm size. You can also choose from basics, neon or pastel colors.

Initially the kids use the pictures in the booklet that came with the pieces as a guide. They made a tree, a flag and tried to make a birthday cake. So what if it was more like a multi-colored blob?! If you have kids who need work with their fine motor skills, this is perfect for you. Henry has always struggled with this area of his development and when I saw him using the Plus-Plus® shapes to build with, it dawned on me how well he was doing with the small pieces. Caitlin is almost 15, but she loves to play with her brother and she had a lot of fun building with Henry. You can purchase the 600 piece mini Plus Plus on the Geared For Imagination website for $34.99 as well as on Amazon and select stores. You can also connect with them on Facebook as well as Twitter.

One USA reader will win a 600 piece mini Plus Plus in their choice of color ($34.99)


  1. I like to 400 piece midi set. I like how it makes a car and barn.These are so cool and fun. Thanks 🙂

  2. I like the Topobots. They look cool. They have some cool toys. Their stuffed animals are so adorable!

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