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Five Green Alternatives To Gift Wrap

After opening a ton of gifts this past weekend, I looked around and wondered if I could find alternatives to wasteful gift wrap.  It seems such a waste not only with the cost but also with the time and effort it takes to wrap gifts.  Between my husband and 2 kids, my daughter, her boyfriend and Ringo and the two families we adopted this Christmas, I wrapped close to 75 gifts of various sizes and shapes.  That took me 2 rolls of tape, 2 packs of tissue papers, bows and ribbons not to mention the 5+ hours it took Caitlin and me to finish everything.  That is a lot of time and a lot of money for completely disposable goods.  I decided to look into other ideas for wrapping gifts rather than the traditional paper, bows and ribbons.  Here are some great Green Alternatives To Gift Wrap I found and wanted to pass them on to you:

Green Alternatives To Gift Wrap

  1.  Cloth: If you have some fabric scraps, old clothing or sheets or blankets, you can make some interesting containers for gifts.  If you are a sewer, you can easily make a small bag or pouch and if you aren’t handy with a needle, tying knots will work as well.
  2. Buckets: If you have a scrapbook enthusiast, an artist or maybe a gardener on your list, a bucket, pail or pot makes a great container for the gifts. For instance, if you have a gardener, you can take a large clay pot and decorate it and fill it with gloves, seeds and a few tools and you are ready to go.  The great thing about this idea is the container you put the supplies in is going to be used as part of the gift.
  3. A Gift Within A Gift: This is a clever and pretty way to present your present!  If you knit and have made a beautiful scarf, you can wrap a bottle of odiferous lotion or perhaps a lovely bracelet in the scarf.  What a fun surprise your recipient will be when they find there is more than meets the eye to this cleverly disguised package.
  4. Glass Jars: An easy and favorite container for a gift is a glass mason jar or a coffee cup filled with yummy goodness. I love to fill a mason jar with the ingredients for brownies or cookies with the instructions attached.  Another favorite is a pretty mug with packets of tea or flavored coffee and a few pieces of biscotti.
  5. Gift Bags or Boxes: When you can recycle a gift bag or box, you are saving money as well as being kind to our planet.  I never put a person’s name on the bag tag so the bag can be used again and again.  I do the same with a cute gift box because they too can be passed on from person to person.  If you are looking for boxes that have personality and can be personalized, Cute Little Boxes is the place to go.  Although this company out of my home state of Tennessee has very cute little boxes, that is also their name!  You can find a humongous variety of boxes in various sizes, patterns, and occasions and all of them can have your name or message printed on them!

Recycling Gift Boxes

If I would have known I could have been recycling gift boxes, I could have saved myself a lot of time and money!  When I first discovered Cute Little Boxes I was astounded by the volume of choices they offer.  You can find boxes for every holiday, for graduations, weddings, thank you’s and many more.  Each category has several designs to choose from and you can have them made with or without your choice of text.  I was so excited to put my boxes to good use because I wanted to share them with my family and friends.  The generous folks over at Cute Little Boxes sent me goo gobs of boxes in every size as well as samples of each category.  I had some of the Christmas boxes printed with our last name and I also had a handful made for Chelsea and her boyfriend Mike.  What a great way to add a personal touch to your gift.  The boxes are super easy to put together, come in three sizes and are priced very reasonably.  You can choose from the small (0.69¢), which can hold 10 pieces of candy, the medium, which can hold 30 chocolate kisses (0.99¢), the tall (0.99¢), which can hold 6 lollipops or the large ($1.99), which can hold 6 large cookies. For only 0.10¢ more, you can have text added to your boxes.  I used the small boxes for jewelry I had made for the women (and girls) on my list, the medium for homemade peanut butter balls and the tall for cake pops for Caitlin’s teachers.  Everyone who received the box commented on how cute they were and how memorable it made the gift.  If you want to add a personal touch to your gift giving and save yourself the time and money from using gift wrap, Cute Little Boxes is a great substitute. Three readers will win their choice of 50 boxes in small ($34.50), medium or tall ($49.50) with free personalization ($5.00).



  1. I think the “welcome to the world” boxes are a great idea, especially with the option to put the baby’s photo on the box. Too cute!

  2. They are all so cute! What a great idea to be able to customize boxes. Wish I had known about this for my daughter’s wedding. It would have been great for gifts for the bridesmaids and others. I really liked the vintage look ones!

  3. I love the Sophisticated Christmas Ornaments boxes. Those would be so handy for quick Christmas gifts!

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  5. what i did wws use newpaper and then i gave the girl household stuff for them to clean up after the holdiay

  6. I love the Christmas Boxes, which I used for loaves of bread this Christmas by the way, they are perfect size!

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