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I am no stranger to the Gro Something Greater campaign & am a HUGE advocate of it! My kids and I have spent a huge amount of time lately planting, learning, and cultivating our gardens. When it comes to my kids, I grow curiosity!

More often than not a parent neglects what they need for their souls when they are busy enriching their children’s lives. I try to take inventory of my spiritual state every so often to make sure I am centered and balanced. The stress of life can take a toll on me, and I have found gardening gives me a sense of internal peace. There is something to be said about working with your hands to encourage life. When we grow, we grow something more than just plants.

When I was little my uncle would talk to me all about gardening, the importance of compost and how important it is to know how to grow things yourself. Many years later, I inspired to start my own planting projects by Miracle-Gro. I was sent an Aerogarden out of the blue, with no expectations and from that my Aerogarden family has grown by 5! You can see two of them below & the light of the other one in the back ground.

I have grown flowers and herbs to full plants and have transplanted them to make room for my new projects. Now I am growing strawberries and garlic in a grow bowl. I know I said before I was growing my kids curiosity, but I’ll let you in on a little secret (it might be mine too!)

Look at the roots on the garlic bulb I stuck in the grow medium with the strawberries! I just put that in there yesterday and it had zero roots! Today its growing like crazy! Now I get to transplant that into my garden outside!

I like to spend my mornings outdoors communing with the plants willing them to grow. It gives me a break from being a mom, wife, daughter, and co-worker. Growing plants keeps me in touch with Mother Nature and allows me to continue to grow peace in my heart and mind!


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