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Guest Post | Blogger Spotlight | Keenly Kristin

Tonight I would like to introduce you to one of our hosts of Stumble Through Thursday.  This is a Guest Post from Keenly Kristin.

I am a 40-year-old mother of four, two boys (17 and 18) and two girls (13 and 15). I was born and raised in Philadelphia (and its nearby suburb). I have also lived in Maryland and Ohio, where I attended the University of Akron. I earned two degrees (in History and Political Science) and was an editor and staff writer at the university newspaper for most of my time there. While attending law school, I was employed with the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, working as a legal intern and as an assistant to the Communications Director. I’d say my most valuable and rewarding experience was working on a case involving a serial rapist who targeted the university area. Because of a back injury and other health issues, I am currently unable to work.

I first got involved with the blogging world when I started reviewing books for Simply Stacie, then reviewing products for Fabulous Won. In September, I launched Keenly Kristin, which combines reviews and giveaways with pop culture commentary. My blog is very “me,” in that reflects my personality (which can be on the snarky side but is also sensitive and sentimental) and my passions (everything Philadelphia — especially the Phillies!). When I first started out, I was very much into blog hops…but I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with them, because I was putting in so much time and effort that often wasn’t reciprocated. However, I have found that Stumble Tumble Tuesday (hosted by Still Blonde After All These Years, Shopper Gal, Luxury Reading, Acting Balanced, and Kelly’s Lucky You), the Alexa hop (hosted by Makobi Scribe) and Stumble Through Thursday (hosted by Makobi Scribe and yours truly!) tend to be the most effective hops around…so I devote most of my energy to those!

Do you have something you would like my masses to hear? Check out Makobi scribe’s guest post guidelines and join in the fun.

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