My name is Carolyn, and I’m married to a wonderful 15-year veteran Army Man. Being said, we have lived many, many, many places. Our advice to everyone we meet, especially the new-to-military people, is don’t let anyone TELL you what a base is like. Sure, take advice on which neighborhoods are safer, which schools are better, ect.. But don’t let anyone tell you “That post is horrible!” If someone says that to us, we smile and say “we’ll see” =) Our last duty station was Fort Bliss, El Paso Texas. See? I bet you all cringed. Its a beautiful city with so much to offer…but that’s a different story. We got stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for a career course and its commonly know as “Fort Lost-in-the-Woods.” And it is, really. Just a Wal-mart and Cracker Barrel. But the post is absolutely beautiful and provides so many adventures to those who look. 3478The first week we got here, we found the “Natural Springs” on the Big Piney River.

3236 And you don’t even have to leave post. The fishing season had a week left, but we got it anyway.  We caught so many fresh trout (for what’s allowed on the permit) and had many delicious dinners–that entire week. 3277 My kids are right at the age, it is so much fun. You even get to walk on a bridge over where this spring comes up. 3212 Millions of gallons are poured out a day into the Big Piney River, and the rangers keep it well stocked. Bugs can be bad sometimes, but just bring bug spray. This is a beautiful hidden gem for this area, and it shouldn’t be missed. We are looking forward to fishing season to open again–I have several trout recipes I want to try this year!

Keep an eye out this summer for some wonderful trout dishes!

Carolyn –Cookin’ for my Captain

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