Are you tired of skin care products that don’t live up to their advertising?  I had tried multiple lines
from department stores, spas and the dermatologist before finding Rodan+Fields last year.  These are multi-med therapy products that focus on your skin condition not a skin type.  This is more than just skin care; these products reverse sun damage, correct acne, and stimulate collagen production for younger-looking skin.  Not to mention, the company launched the patent-pending AmpMD a few months ago.  This is a maximum delivery system to deliver the retinol serum to your skin after using the little roller with acupuncture needles.  It is amazing.  I started with the Reverse Regimen for my sun damage to remove the brown spots on my skin and brighten the tone of my skin to a healthy glow.  I don’t like to wear make-up, and I have not used my concealer in almost a year.  Reverse finally gave me results by removing the spots that always bothered me.  Currently, I use Reverse a couple times per week because I love it but mostly use the Anti-Age products.  I am amazed that my forehead no longer has the 3 lines it used to have unless I am frowning of course.

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After finally seeing the results I wanted, I decided to partner with Rodan+Fields Dermatologists to start my own business from home.  Can you imagine if Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields wanted us to partner with them when they launched Proactiv Solution and turned that into a billion dollar company?  These products are clinically proven with a 60-day money back guarantee.  This is a ground floor company that has grown 1000% in the last two years while the economy struggled. We have great bonus plans and a very competitive payment model that everyone from stay at home moms to teachers to real-estate agents have prospered from.  I would love to sponsor you if you want to start your own business as I am part of the fastest growing team in the company.  We have great leadership and support.  We even have a dermatological RN on staff to answer any questions anyone might have.  The anti-age market is projected to double in the next 5 years so the timing is phenomenal to build your business from home, use the brand of the world-renowned doctors who built Proactiv Solution, and have the best skin of your life.  We also have a Preferred Customer option where you can get 10% off and free shipping with an auto order every 60 days.  For the first time in my adult life I love my skin.  I love talking about skin so please do not hesitate to contact me at or check out my website at (or .com) I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Product Philosophy – Real Results:  Simple Solutions to Complex Problems with Multi-Med Therapy

·Treats every aspect of uneven skin tone and dark pigmentation while reducing hidden and visible sun damage
·Hydroquinone lightens dark pigmentation, botanical agents brighten, and zinc-based sunscreen protects
·80% of your skin’s aged appearance is caused by the sun, not the passage of time
·Product prices range from $41 – $77 individually; Total Kit – $160
·Firms skin, reduces wrinkles and replenishes and repairs collagen loss in the skin
·Combines peptide technology to signal collagen production, anti-oxidants and UVA/UVB protection
·At age 30, we produce 1% less collagen per year and another 30% is lost in the first 5 years after menopause
·Product prices range from $29 – $80 individually;  Total Kit – $193;  NEW!!! AmpMD System $200
·Interrupts acne process-clogged pores, trapped oil, inflammation and huperpigmentation
·Sulfur and salicylic acid to unclog pores, hydroquinone to lighten marks, oil control sunscreen
·Product prices range from $23 – $86 individually;  Total Kit – $160
·Reduces appearance of redness and comforts dry, irritated and sensitive skin
·Soap-free cream wash, peptide technology shields against environmental aggressors and purifies skin
·Product prices range from $36 – $80 individually; Total Kit – $133
Before and After  Abates AmpMD