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This economy has put a strain on my family’s finances. My husband Brett owns his own construction company and we live in Las Vegas which is one of the worst markets for construction. And I am a stay at home mom to our three year old daughter and one year old boy/girl twins. So needless to say we have made a lot of cuts in the monthly budget.

In the beginning, it was very hard on me making these cuts. I like to go out to eat and get pedicures as much if not more than the average mom. But as the months and then year went by, Brett and I noticed that we were happier after making our cuts. We were spending more quality time together as a family and as a couple.

We started going to the park and having picnics instead of eating at restaurants. And we share a family pass at the children’s museum with another family since it was cheaper to share than buy on our own. The kids love going there and it was only $62 for the entire year. We also take advantage of the free activities in our city. There are several outdoor movie nights and concerts in our neighborhood. If we have to leave early we don’t care since it was free.

As a couple we committed to having weekly date nights when the twins were born. And 17 months later we are still having them, at home. We put the kids to bed and enjoy a nice dinner together and then do something. We take turns planning our date nights and we surprise each other with it. We have done beer tasting, game nights, movies, massages, and some nights we just talk. It’s really nice to unwind after a long week together. When we do get to go out, we really appreciate it.

Aside from our time together and the way we spend money, the economy is forcing us close our business. Brett works insane hours and we would like him to be home more. Plus there really isn’t much work out there. I never would have thought that we would close the business, but I think it will be very good for our family. I have faith that he will get a job soon and that we will get by in the meantime.

This tough economy has made us realize that we don’t need to spend a lot of money to have fun. We are spending less and doing more as a family. Not only are we closer as a couple, Brett and I are enjoying our family more. I think what has changed the most is my attitude and outlook on life. I used to be concerned about material things that really don’t matter. Now I am focusing on what is important and looking to whatever the future may bring us. I know that we will be fine since we choose to come together instead of blaming each other for our situation.

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