Guest Post

Guest PostI am not really desperate, however I just loved that Madonna Movie. Showing my age? I have been posting here and there about different subjects I would like guest posts on and have been getting a nice reply. I thought I would put exactly what topics I am looking for, what I want it to include, and how all on one page.

Why you should guest post for me:

  • If you ever have an opportunity to guest post take it! You will be getting access to my audience and can gain new followers to your social media in the process.
  • Your post will have double the exposure as if it were on your blog alone, and I will promote your post through blog hops, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, as well as a possible retweet through my newly formed reach through Triberr of 75,000!
  • My readership will be able to learn from you as well as me broadening the base of their knowledge!
  • Ana, from Traffic Generation Cafe, says, “Guest posting is the SINGLE best thing you can do to increase your traffic. Period.”

The topics I am seeking posts on:

  • What makes where you live special? Tell me about the area you currently live in. What makes it home to you? Why do you love it? Where do you go in your town? Please include a picture of something in your town. You can also include links to your personal sites (i.e. blog, FB, Twitter) There is a great example in Darcy’s Triberr post at the bottom in italics.
  • Saving Money and Tips on how to do it. Tell me how you and your family save money. Are you an extreme couponer? Do you cloth diaper? Do you use alternative energy? Do you know a great place to get deal? How do you cut back? Please do not include affiliate links on the post; however, a link to your site where they kind find such deals is okay.
  • The Failing Economy: A Positive Outcome. Times are tough. Many families have been hit hard. I would love to hear how you lived through a financial crisis with a POSITIVE outcome. I would love this section to spread hope and have an uplifting message. A picture of your family would be great!
  • Meme Spotlight: Do you have a super awesome blog hop you would like to share with the world? Tell me a little about you, your blog, and the hop. Include your blog hop button and day it goes live.
  • Blogging Tips: Do you have an excellent knowledge of the innerworkings of a blogger tool like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tribber, Digg, etc.? I would love to publish your introductory lesson! Can you help other bloggers with a tip or trick you know and would love to share? Please tell it here!

What I would like your posts to include:

  • A picture. It can be of your blog button, meme button, you, your family, your town, the blogging resource logo, etc. If you don’t send me one or can’t choose, I can pick one for you.
  • Links to your social media, i.e. Facebook, your blog, Twitter, etc.
  • At least a 300 word post with two paragraphs. If you have trouble thinking of what to say, ask me 🙂
  • No affiliate links. I would love to share my traffic with you. I would love to share my blog space with you. I would love to share my social media friends with you, and I will actively promote your posts and your blog. However, I do not want to share my money. At least not until we are better friends!
  • Original content. This means that you have not previously published this article/post anywhere including your blog, forums, or article boards.

What should you do next?

  • Pick a topic!
  • Start blogging!
  • Mail your post to

I sincerely cannot wait to hear what each of you has to say!