Guide To The First Five Anniversary Gifts By Year

As women, we tease our husbands about remembering our anniversary each year and how they will be in the dog house if they forget! As women, we tend to have that inborn ability to choose just the perfect gift for our significant other. As for the men, they are often unsure of the best gift to give. I am sure each of us have had at least one year when we opened our anniversary gift and wondered what that man of our was thinking!

This got me thinking about what the appropriate gift is for each year of marriage, so I looked it up. Here is what I found!

First 5 Anniversary Gifts By Year

The First 5 Anniversary Gifts By Year

  1. Paper: The first year’s gift is paper and this can include many creative ideas. You can choose some personalized stationary, an antique book, a scrap book materials gift package or maybe one of your wedding invitations framed or put on a plaque.
  2. Cotton: Year two calls for cotton and this does not mean just clothing! You could give a personalized golf towel, a pillow with your anniversary date embroidered on it or perhaps a set of deliciously soft Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed.
  3. Leather: The 3rd year is leather and the first thing I think of is a nice leather wallet. You could also give a case for your mobile device, a leather bound book or a nice leather belt.
  4. Fruit And Flowers: The fourth year is the one guys will love because it is easy! A fresh fruit basket or edible fruit arrangement would be awesome. Of course, there is always a lovely bouquet of flowers, and if they come to the office, that is even better!
  5. Wood: The 5th year calls for wood and this can be a really creative and fun year! You can give a traditional wooden anniversary clock or maybe a hand carved box for your personal items. Another great idea would be a wooden watch like those from Wood Watches.

 First 5 Anniversary Gifts By Year

Even if you are giving a watch to someone who already owns a watch, chances are they do not own a wooden watch! You can see all of the watches in their collection with the widget below.

JordI received the Jord watch from the Delmar series and it is just gorgeous. It has a larger modern face design, a scratch proof glass face and a double action locking clasp so it stays put! You can choose from a variety of woods including natural and bamboo and it is available in several carbon colors. The watch sells for $149 and can be purchased from the Wood Watches website. It fit my husband perfectly! He was really intrigued by the wood watch as he has never seen one before. I am extremely jealous and hinted to him our anniversary is in March! One USA reader will win a Jord $149

Which anniversary do you have coming up and what will you be giving this year?


  1. We will celebrate our 3rd. I always try something unexpected. I’m hoping to kidnap my hubby for a weekend B&B with a couples massage. We’ve planned a cruise for our 5th. Second marriage for both, so why wait for the fun stuff!?

  2. I’ve got a third anniversary coming up and I’d be giving this if I win! lol otherwise, I don’t know yet! Thanks!

  3. It’ll be our 8th this May. We don’t usually do gifts for each other, but we have a night out together or do something special.

  4. I’m starting a new anniversary next year, as I just got engaged! I will be giving him an I do, and life with me.

  5. This year we will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. I haven’t decided what I’m going to get my husband yet

  6. My 3 year anniversary is coming up in October with my boyfriend. Im really not sure what to get him… He does need a new wallet, but that is over 6 months away!

  7. I am terrible at remembering years. Sometimes I can’t remember how old I am. But I’m pretty sure this year will be our 26th anniversary. I’ve been out of work for several years so I try not to spend money on gifts, but I will probably make us a special meal and fancy dessert to celebrate.

  8. We have our 5 year anniversary coming up in May. We don’t usually give each other presents for our anniversary but this would be a nice surprise to give him if I win! 😉

  9. It will be my wife and I’s 8th year anniversary. I will probably give her flowers and whatever the 8th year modern gift is.

  10. It’s our five year anniversary! I was leaning towards some sort of woodworking tool since it’s my husband’s hobby. But these wooden watches are so beautiful! He’d go NUTS for one!

  11. Sadly, I don’t have an anniversary coming up, as my husband died. But it would have been our 14th this year!

  12. I don’t have an anniversary coming up. I have been divorced for years. I love the watches and would love to win one for my 24 year old son.

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