Guide To Buying Flowers

Have you ever thought about the advantages both sexes have over one another? Guys tend to be less emotional, are usually physically stronger, and have an instinct to protect. Women have a mothering instinct, are more emotional, and therefore more compassionate and know how to buy the right gift! It is a good thing we know which gift to buy for who since men tend to hate shopping and stink at giving gifts anyway. Buying flowers is always a pretty standard go to item for men to buy, but do they know which flowers are best for which occasion? Probably not, which is why this post is written just for them! Here are some great tips to use when you buy your next bouquet!

How To Buy The Right Flowers For The Right Occasion

How To Buy The Right Flowers For The Right Occasion

  1. Knowing When: There are the mainstream reasons to buy flowers like a birthday, new baby, anniversary, new job, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day and to say Thank You. You can also buy flowers to let a girl know you are romantically interested as well as sending them to a best friend. Flowers can say I love you, I like you, I care about your health and you are the best boss/co-worker/daughter/sister/pal and just about any other title you want to insert.
  2. Know Your Colors: Different colors represent different things, so knowing which goes with what is very important. Red, especially in roses, represents passion or a deep love. Purple means love at first sight while orange represents desire and yellow says friendship. Pink flowers shows gratitude or admiration, white shows remembrance and when you just do not know what to say, send a mixture of colors which are bright and cheerful.
  3. Know Your Flowers: There are as many flower blooms as there are different emotions, feelings, situations or states of mind. Here is just a fractions of what certain flowers mean: Freesia means excitement, forget me nots means just that, daisies represent innocence, lilacs are for a first love, orange blossoms mean fertility, sunflowers mean you adore someone, violets means faithfulness and poppies are a way to send condolences.

Now that you know which flowers to buy and for which occasion from this guide to buying flowers, you need to know where to buy them. Choosing the right florist is just as important as knowing what flowers to send. If you choose the wrong florist, you can send a completely different message than you intended. Nothing says you are not on the ball to someone as a bunch of wilted flowers or a dead plant. You want to choose a florist who is a leader in the industry, has access to the freshest flowers all year round and can deliver to who you need to and when you need them to arrive.

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What is your favorite flower to receive or to send?