HallmarkFor this Valentine’s Day, Hallmark launched its new greetings program, Tell Them, today and you’re one of the first people we’ve told. As you’ll recall from our previous email, Tell Them is all about “vowing to tell” the ones close to you what they need to hear to make them feel special – Tell Them you miss them, Tell Them you need them, Tell Them they’re still the one, Tell Them they’re your superhero, Tell Them you love them.

I have taken the vow, and I am encouraging you to do the same. First Tell Them on Facebook and “vow to tell” someone in your life what you think he/she needs to hear. I told my son that I was proud of the man he became. He had just started college and I wanted him and the world to know how proud I am of him. I get on his case a lot because as every mom, I want him to achieve more than I did. I push. I wanted to take a breather from the pushing and let him know that I think he is a success!

I was also sent a few cards from Hallmark which always makes me smile. I love to be able to spread a little love especially on this day coming up! I am giving one to my middle son because it makes noise. It wags a tail on the dog when you shake it. Jakobi loves those kinds of cards. The other, I am giving to my husband to let him know how special he is to me. This is our first Valentine’s Day since he has been back from his job. I am very excited because he is planning to ask me to marry him again in Rift. I am a cheesy gamer. You would really know how cheesy if you knew what Rift was. The other card, I am mailing to my mom. Valentine’s Day is always a special day to her and I think she misses that all of her kids grew up! Do you want a chance at this card pack too? Take the Tell Them Challenge!

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