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Four Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs #inspiredbypets

If you have a pet, you know Halloween is not for humans only. My daughter has dogs who do not go out except to use the potty, so they do not go out at Halloween. When we had our cocker spaniel, she was super friendly and we would take her for a walk around the block every Halloween because she loved the attention! If you want your pup to participate in Halloween, you just need to be safe about it and everyone will have a good time. Here are a few tips to follow for a successful holiday for your doggie!

4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe This Halloween

  1. Costumes: Just like with your kids, you want your pet to be cute but safe at the same time. When choosing a costume for your dog, make sure they can can see, it is not tightly constricted, you pup can breathe and walk normally, and there are no dangling pieces they can get caught in or choke on.
  2. Visibility: When you take your pet out on Halloween, make sure to use a light up collar so everyone can see your furry baby. You also want to be sure they have their ID tag on, just in case you get separated from your puppy.
  3. Indoor Pets: If you have a dog who stays indoors, you wan to keep them confined while kids are coming to your door. The constant ringing of the bell and seeing all the strangers at your door can cause your pup undue anxiety.
  4. Treats: Candy is OK for kids but not for your dog. Many Halloween treats can make your dog sick, can choke them and in some instances, can be fatal. Instead of giving them edible treats, give them a fun toy to play with like the Hello Kitty dog toys from PetSmart. These are a great alternative for your pet to allow them to enjoy the holiday as well.

When it comes to my kids and my pets, I am picky about the products I buy for them. I only serve them nutritional food to keep them healthy. When it comes to their toys, I know how rough they can be, so I want products they are not going to be able to tear up within a few minutes. This holds true for my dogs as well as my kids. I cannot count how many toys I have gotten the dogs over the years which came apart, had holes or just fell apart in less than 15 minutes. I know with the dog toys from Pet Smart, the pups are going to enjoy them for a long time! You can probably tell how much I love PetSmart from my reviews, including the post, “Popular Halloween Costumes For Pets For 2013” and “Top Holiday Gifts For Pets Who Have Everything.” From the moment I got my dogs, I have not gone anywhere else but PetSmart for their food, toys, accessories and other must have pet items. They have experienced staff members to answer your questions and they love it when you bring your pets in the store.

Their products are top notch and I can get everything I need in just one place instead of running all over town wasting my time and gas. With their successful adoption program, they have placed more than 5 million pets in forever homes in the last 10 years. When it comes to Halloween safety tips for dogs, PetSmart has plenty of spooky fun for them! This year, PetSmart is celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary by offering a large selection of toys and costumes for your pet. The prices range from $3 to $10 and you can visit them in the store or shop online. Right now you can save when you shop online, so be sure to visit the PetSmart homepage. You can also save $5 on grooming, so get your pet into PetSmart for a trim! As you can see, Ringo and Elvis loved the collection of Hello Kitty items we showered them with. Be sure to follow Pet Smart on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter. One USA reader will win a variety of Hello Kitty prodcuts from Pet Smart ARV $50.

Do you take your pet our for Halloween?

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