Halloween Skeleton Paper Plate Craft

Since I have been on a paper plate craft kick, I found this really cool one of a Halloween Skeleton I thought I would share. It takes about an hour to do, and if you have little ones, I suggest doing the cutting of the bones first and have them help you piece it togehter.

Halloween Skeleton Paper Plate Craft


  • Paper Plates
  • hole puncher
  • string
  • pen
  • scissors


I traced the feet and the hands on a paper plate. My son is small so I was able to do trace both on one plate.

paper plate craft for halloween

To make the bones, I folded the paper plates in 1/4 and traced a pattern on them. You will need one plate for each leg and arm. I cut the arm bones slightly smaller.

I cut a head, pelvis, chest and neck bone from the paper plates.

Punch holes at all of the connector sites, and tie with string.