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Hand Crafted Butcher Block Cutting Boards From Red Rooster Trading Company Sweepstakes


Hand Crafted Butcher Block Cutting Boards

I have been looking for hand crafted butcher block cutting boards for several weeks.  There is something to be said about using a butcher block cutting board in your kitchen.  When I use a good, solid wooden cutting board, I feel like a chef!!  My husband wants to go to culinary school and a high quality cutting board is a must.  I am not crazy about acrylic cutting boards because I think are more likely to break once I get a hold of one!!  I have used tempered glass cutting boards and although they are made to stand up to vigorous use, I am always afraid I am going to drop it!  I am a self-proclaimed klutz and so is my daughter, so we are a hazard in the kitchen!!  I feel much safer using a wooden cutting board rather than a glass version.

In the spring of 2010, a married pair of entrepreneurs started Red Rooster Trading Company.  Justin owned a construction company and his wife, Britta, owned a web graphic design and marketing company.  In their spare time, Justin made products for the home from wood and Britta would paint and distress the pieces.  The couple had dreamed of starting their own online store and with a product design that was passed over to them from a close friend, Nate Laun, their dream became a reality.  With beautiful hand crafted items that are backed with excellent customer service, Red Rooster Trading Company has built a reputation of THE place to go for hand crafted wooden products for the home.  With their hand crafted products that are made in the USA, customers from all over the world are enjoying their products from Red Rooster Trading Company.

Upcycled Wooden Candle Holders

One of the beautifully unique products from Red Rooster Trading Company is their upcycled wooden candle holders.  I love that these unique pieces are made from old barn wood!  When I came across this awesome company, I was blown away by the craftsmanship of the Red Rooster Trading Company.  I was more than excited when Justin offered me not one, but two awesome products from his and Britta’s store!  I was sent the large square Butcher Block Cutting Board ($79.95) as well as the 5 staggered Upcycled Candleholder ($67.95).  You would not believe the attention to detail, the rich colors of the wood and the magnificent construction of the butcher block cutting boards.  I love the blending of the maple with its lighter color with the walnut which is the overall darker wood in the cutter board.  I love the personal touch Justin and Britta add by branding the company name into the cutting board.  This cutting board is a thick and sturdy bugger and I can only imagine that it will last a lifetime.  I am absolutely in love with the upcycled candle holders in the reclaimed barn wood.  I have always been a sucker for anything made from barn wood, so this candleholder was right up my alley.  Every candle holder from Red Rooster Trading Company is hand cut and distressed, giving it the one of a kind touch.  The glass tea light holders, which are made in the USA, come ready with candles.  All you need to do is add fire and you are ready for a cozy evening of candlelight.

One reader will win one large square Butcher Block Cutting Board ($79.95) and one 5 staggered Upcycled Cadleholder ($67.95)

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  1. i like the cnadle stick but i could use the block we have plastic one and you have to put it in sidhwashere and then it does not get it clean

  2. The cutting board…I currently have a plastic one that really shouldve been thrown out a year ago….

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