Hand Crafted Footwear

Hand Crafted Footwear

How luxurious would it be to own a pair of hand crafted footwear?  I think there is something to be said about wearing something that another person sat down and made by hand.  That just makes the item so much more special than if you had bought a pair of shoes at the department store.  The other reason I love to find hand crafted items is because when you buy a product that was handmade, you are putting food on that person’s table or supporting a community where the item was made.  With the economy being as it is, money is tight, especially talented artisans who depend on their craft to earn a wage.  The downfall of buying a work of art, be it something you hang on your wall or something you wear, is the item tends to be very expensive.  Although we would all love to support local artists, most of us have a tight budget that won’t allow for extravagant purchases.

Inca Boot Company is a treasure I found online recently.  This amazing company was created because of a happy detour two friends took while on vacation.  Evan Streusand and a few friends went backpacking in South America in 2004.  On that trip, the group visited Cusco, a beautiful town in Peru.  Evan’s friend suggested they visit a local boot shop, but Evan was hesitant as he was not a boot wearing kind of guy (even though he was a Texan).  The friend talked Evan into joining him and it was there that Evan was blown away by the beautifully woven Peruvian textiles and the detailed technique with which the boots were made.  Needless to say, Evan loved the boots and his feet were so happy with that decision.  In 2007, Evan went back to Peru and brought back the idea for Inca Boot Company, which combines the gorgeous textiles and workmanship of the Peruvian people with a modern design and from came a line of the most breath taking boots, shoes and handbags.  To learn more about Inca Boot, you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Beautiful Shoes For Women

Most ladies I know are always on the lookout for beautiful shoes for women.  I have to say with all the reviews I have written, my favorites are always those products that are made from and with love.  Inca Boot Company is definitely one of those companies.  I was offered a pair of the strikingly beautiful Inti shoes in striped teal ($98.00).  The moment you put these shoes in your hand, you can immediately see how detailed and gorgeous the fabric and craftsmanship is put into these shoes.  Oh, and talk about comfortable?  These are by far one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have ever worn.  The small heel is just perfect for me and the brightly colored stripes will match any color top or bottom you wear these with.  I think they looked great with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt.  If you are looking for a unique and wonderfully made pair of shoes or boots, you need to take a look at the collection at Inca Boot Company.

Once reader will win a pair of the Inti shoes in striped teal ($98.00)

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  2. My favorite product from the Inca Boot Company is the Sun Seeker Carryall. That’s one nice bag!

  3. I really like the BANDITA SANDAL. They are certainly unlike any other shoe/boot that I have seen. Link is here-http://www.incaboots.com/product-info.php?Bandita-Sandal-pid211.html

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