Hand Painted Drawer Knobs

Hand Painted Drawer Knobs

I have recently looked into hand painted drawer knobs.  I knew you could buy crystal, glass, metal and wooden knobs from the hardware store, but I was clueless about an artist painting them by hand.  With the kid’s new furniture, the dresser and nightstand knobs were pretty ho-hum.  They were a modern brushed metal knob, and they were fine, but not fun.  Why not do something different and fun for the kids?  I think it is so much fun to add personal touches like these custom knobs to their nightstand or dresser.

I met Apryl Diehl a few months ago and we immediately hit it off.  Apryl wasn’t familiar with blog reviews, so I offered to call her and explain it.  Well, I explained it in about 5 minutes and the other 45 minutes were spent talking to someone as down to earth, genuine and funny as any one I have ever met.  We spoke like to friends although we had just met.  That made me know she was the person I wanted to introduce to our dear readers because she is that good and you are that important!  Apryl has been painting murals, faux finishes and other hand painted home decor for the past 15 years.  Not only does Apryl keep up with current trends and new painting techniques, but she loves to teach others as well.  I figure if she can earn a living painting, she must be pretty darn good!!

Apryl Diehl

Custom Decor For Kids

I was so excited when Apryl allowed me to choose from her custom decor for kid’s collection.  Although Apryl creates other pieces (including your pet’s portrait on a rock!), I wanted the knobs that had originally drew me to her Etsy shop.  When she told me I could choose for both kids, I couldn’t believe it!  I think what makes Apryl special is her rapport with her customers and the energy she puts into making sure she creates the perfect item(s) for your child.  Apryl asked me to email her pictures of each kids bedding as well as what their favorite colors, shapes, animals, etc. and from there she paints from her heart.  The attention to detail in her work is impeccable and her colors and combinations she chooses are better than you could have dreamed!  Henry loves dinosaurs and primary colors while Caitlin loves swirls, zebra prints and bright colors.  Apryl painted fourteen 1.5” wooden knobs (hardware included) for each of the kids (valued at $45.50 for both sets).  How many kids would jump up and down and say “Mom, Mom, look, its dinosaurs and my name, Henry!  How did Miss Apryl know what I love so much?”  Yep.  She is that good and he was that happy!

One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to be used in Apryl’s Etsy shop.

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