I literally can’t remember the last time I bought new socks, its been years!  It seems like since I have had kids I just concentrate on them instead of myself.  I had an opportunity to review a 6-pack of Hanes Comfort Toe Seam socks.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I have recently started going to the gym and needed some new gear for my feet.  There is nothing better than putting on a new pair of socks.  Opening the package, love that new sock smell and the way they form to your feet when you put them on is amazing!  They are low cut socks, so they sit under your ankle and when you have sneakers on you can barely see them.  The seam at the toe is minimal and lies flat (what Hanes calls a comfort toe seam). You don’t have to worry about getting a blister from it rubbing back and fourth while you are walking, running or just laying around the house. They are thin on top so it lets the sock breath and then it gradually gets thicker on the bottom for great cushion. The reinforced heel and toe will help the socks stand the test of time, goodness knows I wear socks long enough before replacing them that I need a durable sock!  The cotton is super soft and stays soft and comfortable wash after wash. There is also spandex throughout the sock to give the sock a great fit. I love that they have a little pink stripe on the toe and a pink Hanes logo on the bottom, this way I don’t get mine confused with my husbands!
These socks are my go-to socks when I am working out, they are by far the most comfortable socks I own.  My old socks were slipping around in my sneaker when I was working out.  My new Hanes Comfort Toe Seam socks stay put from the second I put them on to the moment I take them off.  I have found a new best friend for my feet!  You can purchase socks like mine for $9.50.  Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.