How To Make Decorating Easy

I love to decorate my house and I have such fun doing it.  For me, it is almost as fun finding the perfect piece to add to my home than it is deciding where it should go.  I am ever rearranging anything I can get my hands on, including furniture, pictures, nick knacks and even my kitchen gadgets and cookware!  My poor husband is always mystified at my need to constantly change the scenery in his house and says he wouldn’t be surprised if he came home one day and didn’t recognize anything!  I do wish I had a better handle on mixing colors and patterns, etc. to make it more interesting.  Do you need tips on how to make decorating easy?  I know I do, so here are some really solid hints:

Great Decorating Ideas

  • Trays: Use trays to group like items together like bar ware, gadgets or even your electronic devices.  To make this project a bit more interesting, check out local thrift stores or flea markets for unusual trays.  You can also buy a plain tray from the craft store and paint it or decoupage it.
  • Fun With Wallpaper: There are so many things you can do with wallpaper like frame it, cover your shelves with it or line a tray with it! Betcha didn’t see that one coming!
  • Books: Who said the only place you can put books is in a bookshelf?  Place small stacks of books on tables or on shelves.  If you want to use a bookcase, stack the books on top of each other instead of next to each other.
  • Kid’s Art: One of my favorite things to do is frame the kid’s art works and hang it throughout the house.  I have things the kids have made at school as well as projects we have done together at home.  The kid’s absolutely love seeing their handiwork on the walls!  The only problem I have with hanging pictures is I always get the crooked.  If you look behind most of the pictures on my walls, there are a million nail holes from where I have tried getting a picture in the right spot or gotten it straight.  If you are also in this group of the hanging challenged, you are in luck!  There is the coolest product on the market that is going to change the way you decorate and it is called: Hang It Perfect from Innovative Tools, Inc.

How To Hang Pictures Straight

You Can Hang Pictures Perfectly Every Time!

Okay, so I admit I desperately need help to hang my pictures straight.  My kids will sit back and laugh at me when I try to add a new picture to a wall because they know I stink at it.  I can hang a picture with one hole or hanging teeth on it, but if there are two, I am toast.  Well, my kids are in for a serious disappointment because with the Hang It Perfect tool, you can hang pictures perfectly every time!  The Hang It Perfect has two arms that you line up with the hanger(s) on your picture, position them on the wall and tap the two j pegs to mark the spot for the nail.  The crossbar has a built in level, so you hang your picture straight every time! I know, right!?  The Hang It Perfect has deservedly won several awards for it’s innovation, showed at the National Hardware Store and was featured on the Susie Homemaker Show.  If you love to decorate, you really need to get this amazingly clever tool.  I kid you not, this is the most helpful tool I have in my home right now and I LOVE it!  You can purchase the Hang It Perfect in two sizes and are sold for $29.95 or $39.95 at Amazon, Home Depot, Daily Grommet and many other retailers.

One reader will win the 36″ Hang It Perfect ($39.95)



  1. I really like the hang it perfect. This would be really great to have and I love that you can use it to hand so many different things.

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