Happy Feet TwoHappy Feet has a special place in my heart. This was one of Parker’s favorite movies. Almost every day we would watch this movie over and over and he would just laugh and laugh. It was one of my fonder memories because he had such a great laugh. Now that I have two boys around the age that he was watching Happy Feet 2 with them brought back a lot of memories. I was not sure if I would be able to watch it without crying for many reasons. One, it reminded me of Parker – but a lot does. Two, it is a musical of sorts and I am a sappy person who is extremely moved by music whether it is happy or sad – I still cry. Third, it was sad in parts and I am emotional for sappy kid’s movies with a lesson to be learned. so, yes, I cried, laughed, giggled and hugged my kids.
Happy Feet Krill
The Krill were awesome and the lesson they taught that “Just one Krill can make a difference” is one of my favorite life lessons. In the end the power of just one Krill…well you will have to watch the movie, but I promise, he was important and useful even though he is so small. That is a great message to send your wee ones as they are growing up. So many children feel insignificant and a movie like this shows them that even BIG things come in little packages. Happy Feet Two was just as good as Happy Feet and I am thrilled that I own it so I can watch it again and again. The music is great and I know I will soon own the soundtrack as well.
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Happy Feet 2 DVD Combo
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