ConAgra Recipes

Happy Memorial Day! Tis the Season for backyard parties, grill outs and family get-togethers. I love an excuse to have a party at my house, so when ConAgra Foods invited me to create a backyard bash using the products Egg Beaters, Hunt’s Tomatoes, and Chef Boyardee to make delicious recipes to serve to my party guests, I was beyond excited. Under each of the pictures, you can find a direct link to the recipe that I used. You can connect with ConAgra Foods on Facebook and Twitter to find out more cool facts about where your food comes from and a multitude of tips and tricks to making healthy and fast meals.  So get ready to be dazzled by pictures of my fantastic party and learn about some food! You can get a ton of recipes at Ready Set Eat and have your own Backyard Bash. And these recipes are so quick and easy you can have them all ready in time for a party today!

Lemon Squares Recipe

Egg Beaters has delicious recipes on their site like the Lemon Bars I made. Did you know that Egg Beaters are made with real eggs. They just do not contain the yolks. This way you get all of the nutrients your body needs from eggs without all the cholesterol and calories.


They were a huge hit at the party!

Hunts Greek Pasta Salad

Hunts has delicious recipes on their site like the Greek Pasta Salad I made. Hunt’s tomatoes are grown in the United States right in California. They are artificial preservative free and contain all natural ingredients. Their skins are naturally steam peeled. Isn’t that neat?

Beef Ravioli Muffins

Chef Boyardee has delicious recipes on their site like the Beef Ravioli Pizza Cups With Tomato Basil Salsa Recipe. Did you know that Chef Boyardee was a real person? His name was Hector Boiardi, and he wanted to bring pasta to every family. Chef Boyardee is made with quality ingredients and no preservatives.  Mason sure loves them!


After we all chowed down on food, we were going to make a time capsule to bury in the back yard to dig up again in five years. Everyone brought an item to put in the box, so that in another 5 years we would have an excuse to have a reveal party! We even asked the kids to bring us a toy or an object that they would be okay with not having anymore.

Aiden not too happy

Aiden did not like that idea at all. He likes his toys not buried in the ground. The cousins were on it! They had a brilliant idea!

boys get an idea

While Mommy collected all of the items from the party guests, Tristan and Mason put their plan into action. I set the box down to take pictures of my silly husband entertaining our guests in true Chef Boyardee style.


It is a good thing that I looked in the box again before we buried it! Look what the boys’ plan was! Yes, that would be very unfortunate if we would have buried our WALLET and KEYS.


Silly boys! We are all so relieved that I looked in the box one last time, but amazed at how clever the little rascals were.


They say it is not a party until someone dances on the ceiling!

Ceiling dance

Uncle Bobby is such a fruitcake.


Our party was a huge success, and it was really neat to learn about the ConAgra Food foods. I know that our family spends a lot of time eating, but we have never thought about where our food comes from. I did not know that Egg Beaters were real eggs or that they just contained whites. I am going to start using them in my recipes to save on cholesterol and calories. Chef Boyardee has already been a favorite of my family, so it was interesting to learn that he was a real man instead of a made up figure.

Tomato Planter

I also like knowing how Hunts’ tomatoes are made and where they are grown. We are growing our own tomato plant in the Hunts’ tomato can. Stay tuned to see how that goes. Sometimes my thumb is more black than green, but my husband is a gardening wizard. He says the key is to actually water the plant! For some farm to fresh facts from ConAgra check out this infographic.


I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ConAgra and received products to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.