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Happy Mother’s Day!

You have seen in my previous posts about Angel SoftIdeal Balance of Softness and Strength talking about the Scrolls of Wisdom – The Lessons I Have Learned From ParentingWhat Is The Ideal Balance Of Softness And Strength? and how Angel Soft Has Softness And Strength. Then I told you about a scary experience I had as a mom, “The Ideal Balance of Softness and Strength In An Emergency.”  I then went on to tell you about my valued experience of a mother. Since today is Mother’s Day, I am going to tell you about my Mommy! Her name is Alice. She rocks!

Make-It Book
My mom used to set up crafts and activities from this treasured book.

My mom was a single mom most of the time we were growing up. She also went to college while she worked full time. She taught me not to give up on your future, to love fiercely, and to work hard. I learned a lot from her just by watching what she did.  She always taught us to think out of the box. I learned this by helping her study for school. It also taught me how to study later on. I always thought it was fun “teaching” my mom, byt I learned so much. By the time I actually got to those subjects in my own schooling, I already knew a lot fo the information! She encouraged us in school and taught us to love learning which to this day I do. I believe I have been a success in my field largely due to my mommy encouraging me to be me.

She also always took time to play with us on our level. I remember creating tons of dramatic performances with my little sister, my mom must have sat through a million times. We thought we were funny and creative because my mom thought we were. She was loving, encouraging and took the time to be silly with us. Sometimes, she would have silly parties like our “Purple Party” or she would have dress up fashion shows. She cut out felt animals and we made toilet paper crafts from the Make It Book. I still have this book, and this morning my husband brought it out and created toilet paper roses for me to wake up to! It is the little things that you pass on that mean so much. I am so glad my mom taught me so many things I can teach my kids to teach their kids. What do you love about your mom?


Thanks to Angel Soft for providing me the post ideas that sparked these valued memories.

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